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Dan Hibiki vs Hercule

Dan Hibiki has now made his blog debut! He’s seen as a bit of a joke character/parody like Hercule so this fight makes sense. That being said, while Hercule may have actually become the champ of the human world in DBZ, Dan’s generic skills will be enough to win. He does have a mini projectile at his side and he’s simply better at hand to hand combat. There’s a reason why you can never count this guy out and this is it! Dan Hibiki wins.

24 thoughts on “Dan Hibiki vs Hercule”

    1. I actually didn’t know that Death Battle did this one. Someone requested it recently so I guess that’s where they got the fight from. It’ll be interesting to see who they chose.

      1. Yeah, I’m curious about their rationale myself. I’ll probably check it out at some point, but after the abomination (imo) that was Goku vs Superman, I haven’t stopped by since!

    2. I’m a Death Battle supporter through and through. Nevertheless, Hercule wins. He’s dragged 4 tour buses and is a bit more competent. Dan is a d–a–.

      Sorry if I bug you with this one but: How would things go w/o blog hax?

      1. I’d still roll withi Dan here without plot hax. He does have projectiles after all, even if they are a little weak. Hercule has had some pretty good (comedy) feats, but he’s still never seemed like much of a martial artist although I suppose that he is technically the world champ.

      1. Alright but,
        1. That projectile is pretty much useless. A projectile doesn’t help if it does nothing. It’s like using soap bubbles to fight.
        2. Half bad? Nope, downright awful. Dan Hibiki only performs fancy moves and taunts. Comedic but ineffective.
        3. Capcom executives always intended Dan to be a complete joke.
        4. He has only one victory and that was a pity grant.

      2. It’s short range, but it can still deal some decent damage. I’d picture it like holding a dagger, it slightly increases your combat range if nothing else. Before the retcon, Dan totally beat Sagat though and the fight was handled seriously. I bought the Alpha Collection recently and played through Dan’s story. It’s not even implied that Sagat held back in that round unless I missed something.

      3. I count canon over gameplay; the damage counter is only for game balance. If video games were ‘realistic’:
        -Kirby would be banned in all Smash tournaments.
        -Olimar would be impossible to see.
        -Sonic would keep running off the stage.
        -Goku would make things too easy.
        -Bass would be impossible to beat.

      4. True, gameplay mechanics can be sketchy so you have to be careful how you count them. That being said, it makes sense that Hibiki’s attack would do some mild damage since it is still a chi attack. Of course, the last condition is still true. Bass defies all odds!

  1. Make. Hibiki. LOSE!!! He’s nothing but a chump who knows less than Jon Snow. Besides, Hercule Satan has encountered Cell and Maijin Buu and survived. Dan Hibiki only won once due to sheer pity. Besides, Dan Hibiki deserves no fans because he’s just plain narcissistic and has nothing redeeming about his terrible excuse of a fighting style.

    1. It’s true that Dan’s not much of a fighter, but he does have some reasonable fighting skills. He’s definitely comic relief next to the rest of the Street Fighter cast of course, but even being in the same ring as those guys is pretty impressive. Hercule did win tournaments in DBZ so he’s no slouch either but I’m not convinced that he could keep up with Dan

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