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Dan Hibiki vs Bass

Sorry Dan, but it’s time for Bass to take the stage! His Darkness Overload would easily obliterate Dan. Dan has some decent hand to hand moves even if he can be a bit of a joke character, but he is still outmatched here. Bass has the massive advantage in speed and power so Dan will have a tough time trying to do anything in this matchup. Bass has never lost a fight on this site and to be honest…I don’t see him ever losing a battle! Bass wins.

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Dan Hibiki vs Hercule

Dan Hibiki has now made his blog debut! He’s seen as a bit of a joke character/parody like Hercule so this fight makes sense. That being said, while Hercule may have actually become the champ of the human world in DBZ, Dan’s generic skills will be enough to win. He does have a mini projectile at his side and he’s simply better at hand to hand combat. There’s a reason why you can never count this guy out and this is it! Dan Hibiki wins.