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Kurogane vs Syaoran

Syaoran is back to take Kurogane down a few notches. In terms of actual swordplay, I’m confident that Kurogane is still better than Syaoran. That being said, Kurogane’s sonic attacks are not quite as good as Syaoran’s elemental prowess. Syaoran is also a lot quicker than Kurogane and he can use his athletics to even the playing field. Syaoran wins.

Battles, Kurogane Battles, Mokona Battles

Mokona vs Kurogane

Kurogane makes his debut with this round and it’s actually a little surprising that it took him so long! He’s a powerful sword fighter who has proven his mettle time and time again. Mokona is a fun little creature, but a fighter he is not. A single move by Kurogane would likely be the end for Mokona. Perhaps Mokona will get a power up someday! Kurogane wins.