Dan Hibiki vs Zoroark

Suggested by Sonic Dan Hibiki is one of those tragic characters who really wants to be a strong fighter but ultimately he just isn’t able to pull it off. He can’t keep up with Ryu and friends so the gap only continues to get wider. It’s rather tragic but that’s just how it goes. Zoroark meanwhile has a ton of cool abilities, projectiles, and is generally faster. He could quickly overwhelm Dan in close quarters combat. Zoroark wins.

Bowser vs Zoroark

Bowser Zoroark
Zoroark is a powerful Pokemon and he got a whole film to convince us of this. His shape shifting abilities won’t be very useful, but he won’t need them in this fight. He can easily overwhelm Bowser in hand to hand combat and he’s lethal from long range as well. Bowser has his Giga Bowser form, but it’s not quick enough to deal with Zoroark. The King of the Koopas is going to have to drop down the blog ranks with this loss. Zoroark wins.

Veemon vs Zoroark

As Flamedramon, Veemon should be able to take Zoroark down in a fair fight. Zoroark is pretty quick, but powerwise, I wouldn’t rank him that high. Flamedramon is good in hand to hand combat and he can protect himself using his fire as a shield. He’s no slouch in the speed department either and he takes this win. Veemon wins.