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Hercule vs Silver

Suggested by Destroyer Hercule is a brave guy who is one of the best human martial artists on his Earth. Still, I don’t think that will be enough for him to even hope to take on someone like Silver. Silver has given Sonic a run for his money even they fought and he could use his psychic abilities to stop Hercule in his tracks. There’s just no way around that without super powers. Silver wins.

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Xana vs Silver

Xana won’t really fare any better against Silver than she did in her debut match against Sonic. Silver may not be as fast as the Blue Blur, but his telekinetic abilities ensure that Silver is still a dangerous opponent. He would still be able to speedblitz Xana and overwhelm her with pure power. Silver wins.

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Mewtwo vs Silver

It’s a battle of psychics in this match! If we were going by pure psychic abilities then Mewtwo would have the clear edge, but overall fighting ability makes this closer. Silver has his Super Silver form and while it’s never looked as impressive as Super Sonic/Shadow; it’s still a force to be reckoned with. Mewtwo has his own super form, which greatly increases his speed. After a solid fight, I’d give this to Mewtwo. His healing abilities matched with his immense speed and long range abilities give him the slight edge. Naturally, Silver just needs a few good scenes in a new anime or video game to help even the odds. Mewtwo wins.

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Grimmjow vs Silver

Silver is pretty powerful and has fought bigshots like Sonic and Shadow in the past! Of course Grimmjow was able to fight Ichigo! His speed is easily off the charts and he could even give guys like Sonic and Shadow a run for their money! Silver and Grimmjow both have super forms, but in the end Grimmjow has his Ceros. Grimmjow wins.

Fanfic version below

Fight time!

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Grey vs Silver

Silver has telekinesis. Grey has the powers of Zero, X, Vent, and 8 robots. 4 of which are the 4 guardians in Megaman Zero. His big weakness is that he doesn’t have much experience with the powers and can’t use them efficiently. Silver can use his telekinesis to take him out of the fight. Silver wins.

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Shadow vs Silver

I don’t do enough Shadow fights. Before now he only had 2 fights. I decided it’s time to change that. As an added bonus this is also Silver’s first fight. It must be pretty exciting for him. Silver has telekinesis and can fly. In one of the many games he beat Sonic twice. He also fought Shadow but there fight ended before it was over. Before that Shadow had landed a solid kick. Shadow can easily win this round. He’s The Ultimate Life Form while Silver’s just a hedgehog from the future. Shadow wins.