Poison Ivy vs Terra (TT)

Suggested by Sonic Poison Ivy has her plants and has used them in many different ways but I do think that she is outgunned here. Put simply, Terra’s rock attacks will be far too intense and quick to be easily blocked. Poison Ivy won’t be able to do much more than slow Terra down and that just won’t cut it here. Terra’s attacks will ultimately break through and Ivy doesn’t have a lot of durability so that’ll be it for her. Terra (TT) wins.

Poison Ivy vs Killer Frost

Suggested by Sonic Poison Ivy has a lot of plants which she can even have take physical shapes. They serve as an absolute defense that protect her against many opponents. This won’t work so well against someone like Killer Frost though. Killer Frost’s ice attacks are a perfect counter to Ivy’s plants as it will destroy them from the inside out with ease. Without her plants Poison Ivy has some hand to hand techniques but they won’t do much against Frost’s power. Killer Frost wins.

Poison Ivy vs Cheetah

Cheetah has some good hand to hand skills. She was able to even defeat Superman in the past! Of course it won’t be enough in this match. Poison Ivy’s mastery over plants gives her a huge edge over Cheetah. Cheetah just won’t be able to overcome this edge. Poison Ivy is too powerful. Poison Ivy wins.

Batman vs Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy has always been one of Batman’s biggest plant enemies. Some would even say his biggest. While she’s not as strong as other villains she makes up for that with her plant powers. Of course she still can’t stop Batman. Batman has had many powers in the past and always wins in the end. Poison Ivy takes another loss and drops further down the blog ranks. Batman wins.

Poison Ivy vs Lazerman

Well like last time Lazerman is here to finish what Clover started, but this time Lazerman is ready and has the disruption beam. Poison Ivy just can’t stand up to The Great Lazerman. Lazerman has exceeded 70 matches and takes down characters like Poison Ivy with ease. Lazerman wins.

Poison Ivy vs Clover

Well Clover is back to squash the opposition, but he never thought he’d be fighting someone with powers as potent as Poison Ivy’s. Poison Ivy is a Batman villain yet she has powers that can be real effective, but in modern media don’t look so great. Clover goes down. Poison Ivy wins.