Clover vs Chunk

Suggested by Destroyer Clover is an incredibly powerful monster and one that won’t be fazed by Chunk’s attacks. The Chunk has some mild gravity abilities at his disposal but they don’t pose a threat to Clover. Spitting out gems won’t be useful either so when you think about it the Chunk has no real defense here. He will definitely be going down for the count. Clover wins.

Prince Haru vs Clover

Prince Haru is back and now he’s up against one of the few American Kaiju that are still out there. Clover is surprisingly quick considering her size and I believe that even Prince Haru will have to take a step back here. He’s tough to be sure, but one hit from Clover would instantly take him down for the count. Prince Haru wasn’t ready for this kind of fight! Clover wins.

Titanosaurus vs Clover

Both of these creatures are pretty intimidating, but Titanosaurus has the long range advantage. Clover has his claws, but he won’t be able to close the gap between them. Titanosaurus finally rises up the blog ranks with this win and he shows the world that mixing a dinosaur with a Kaiju was definitely the right call. Titanosaurus wins.

Clover vs Luke Benson

Clover is back and now she’s up against Luke Benson. Luke Benson was pretty brave and he even took out a gun when he was up against Superman. I have to admit that this impressed me when I saw the film. That being said; it won’t nearly be enough to take down Clover. Clover is just too powerful! Clover wins.

Clover vs Howard Aguello

Howard Aguello is pretty quick when he’s running away, but that won’t be enough to deter Clover. Clover is a giant monster and she could destroy Howard with one swipe of her claws. Howard just wouldn’t be able to live through such a hit and he can’t really hope to deal any lasting damage against Clover. Clover wins.

Clover vs Real Black Widow

Real Black Widows are strong in numbers, but alone they can’t hope to defeat Clover. Clover is a giant monster and he just needs one good hit to take down most opponents. Real Black Widows are deadly and all, but that’s only if they can land a solid hit. Clover takes the win. Clover wins

Tresspasser vs Clover

Clover is a monster that should not be underestimated! Clover has decimated whole buildings with a single charge and that’s no easy feat. That being said, the Tresspasser could still take Clover down for the count. The Tresspasser is pretty powerful and his physical strength shouldn’t be taken lightly. They are both very powerful monsters, but the Tresspasser is more ferocious and I believe that he has the edge in a battle. Tresspasser wins.

Clover vs Cyber Shredder

Cyber Shredder is back too pwn! This time he’s facing Clover. Clover is not too be underestimated, but in the end he lacks the speed to tag Cyber Shredder. Also Cyber Shredder’s hand too hand skills could result in the destruction of Clover. I’m afraid Clover didn’t stand a chance. Cyber Shredder wins.