Status Quo vs Cyber Shredder

Status Quo

Suggested by Destroyer The Status Quo has returned and now he is up against one of the Shredders. Cyber Shredder will make quick work out of the Status Quo with his claws. Status Quo isn’t really a fighter, he never has been. That means that he will very quickly be defeated here and change will occur whether he likes it or not. The guy seriously needs a big power up but as it is he was never a very popular villain so I don’t see that happening for a long time. Cyber Shredder wins.

Voldemort vs Cyber Shredder

Suggested by Destroyer Cyber Shredder is a pretty skilled fighter. He know show to dodge attacks so Voldemort’s attacks won’t really be of much use here. He’ll simply be outmaneuvered throughout the match and one hit would be enough to take the sorcerer down. The problem with Voldemort is that he’s the ultimate glass cannon. There really isn’t much that he can do to even stay in the game here. I’m afraid that it’s all over for him now. Cyber Shredder wins.

Cyber Shredder vs Azumarill

Cyber Shredder is a pretty capable fighter. His abilities are not too shabby as well; He can slash, use some hand to hand, and that’s usually all that he needs. Azumarill has her water abilities, but in the end they won’t be enough to win this round. Azumarill is going to need to use her whole arsenal this time, but it’ll be worth it. Azumarill wins.

Dark Bunny vs Cyber Shredder

Dark Bunny is back, but now he’s up against the Cyber Shredder. Cyber Shredder is definitely more fierce in battle. I don’t think that Dark Bunny will be able to fend him off if it came down to a hand to hand fight. Cyber Shredder would also win this battle from afar. Cyber Shredder wins.

Cyber Shredder vs Chris

Chris has always been a brave lad, but in the end bravery won’t be enough to take on the Cyber Shredder. The Cyber Shredder not only has an epic design, but he’s also pretty skilled in his own right as well. Chris may have lost his debut match, but he’ll be fighting again soon. Cyber Shredder wins.

Bouldergeist vs Cyber Shredder

Bouldergeist has a lot of rocks at his disposal, but they won’t be enough to stop Cyber Shredder! Cyber Shredder has been pwning for a while now and knows how to be a winner! That’s the important part, Cyber Shredder wins this round and rises up the ranks. Maybe Bouldergeist will be back soon. Cyber Shredder wins.

Allosaurus vs Cyber Shredder

Allosaurus is back, but he loses this round. Cyber Shredder is just too powerful and takes this match. Cyber Shredder has fought guys who were much stronger than Allosaurus and lived to tell the tale. Cyber Shredder rises up the blog ranks with this win and shows the world why he’s so powerful. Cyber Shredder wins.

Cyber Shredder vs Dark Link

Cyber Shredder is a good fighter. With his sword skills he’ll go far. Of course he’s still not quite Dark Link level. Dark Link was able to fight with Link. A pretty impressive feat. Cyber Shredder is also pretty tough, but he’s just not quite there and takes a loss for now. Dark Link wins.

Clover vs Cyber Shredder

Cyber Shredder is back too pwn! This time he’s facing Clover. Clover is not too be underestimated, but in the end he lacks the speed to tag Cyber Shredder. Also Cyber Shredder’s hand too hand skills could result in the destruction of Clover. I’m afraid Clover didn’t stand a chance. Cyber Shredder wins.

Real Black Widow vs Cyber Shredder

Real Black Widow is a spider of unimaginable ingenuity. With his skills he has defeated many flies. Of course Cyber Shredder is really modern and knows how too fight. He wins this fight rather easily, but Real Black Widow will be back. He doesn’t back down from a fight. That’s for sure. Cyber Shredder wins.