Bouldergeist vs Whispy Woods

Suggested by Destroyer Bouldergeist is strong and this is where he gets to prove it. Whispy Woods is durable as well but ultimately won’t be able to take on a direct punch from Bouldergeist. That will deal crazy amounts of damage and Whispy Woods has no means of dodging. Ultimately that is what is going to cost him big time. More durability feats would have come in handy here. Bouldergeist wins.

Baroness vs Bouldergeist

Suggested by Destroyer Bouldergeist is a strong monster so lets not forget that. That being said, I don’t believe he will be doing a whole lot against the Baroness. She is fast and has a lot of energy weapons at the ready. Bouldergeist has no way of reliably landing hits on her while she can keep blasting away at him at her leisure. The hits will add up and ultimately Bouldergeist is going down here. There is just no escape. Baroness wins.

Bouldergeist vs King Bob Omb

Suggested by Sonic This is a tough fight but I don’t think Bouldergeist is quite ready for this battle. King Bob Omb’s explosives are just too much for him and the guy has super strength that’s on a completely different level. Just like how he three Mario off of an entire mountain, I don’t see Bouldergeist being quite heavy enough to stop this guy. King Bob Omb will just punch through him with ease. King Bob Omb wins.

Bouldergeist vs Fishbone D

Suggested by Sonic Bouldergeist has a pretty great design. Honestly it may be one of the best Mario villain designs. It’s simple but effective and establishes him as a tough rock monster. The question is, can Fishbone D break rocks? I’d say that he could. His physical abilities are at a point where he could definitely crush the Bouldergeist and all of the attacks that he can muster. That’s why Fishbone D will ultimately come out ahead on this fight. He’s faster and his durability is beyond any rock. Fishbone D wins.

Bouldergeist vs Cragalanche

Suggested by Destroyer Both of these guys are big rock monsters from Nintendo, but the difference in their abilities is considerable. It’s hard to picture Bouldergeist dealing any real damage here. Cragalanche is effectively the same monster only many times stronger. A single punch would possible take the Boulder down for the count. Part of the reason why their stats are so different is because Bouldergeist is from the more grounded Mario Galaxy while Cragalanche debuted in the Kid Icarus Uprising game where everyone got pretty high tier very quickly. Cragalanche wins.

Destoroyah vs Bouldergeist

Bouldergeist has some pretty impressive rock shooting skills, but it won’t be enough to stop the legendary Destoroyah. Destoroyah has taken on many powerful opponents in the past so defeating Bouldergeist should be a piece of cake for him. Destoroyah adds on to his win record. Destoroyah wins.

Bouldergeist vs Godzilla

Bouldergeist is a pretty tough rock monster, but he won’t be able to defeat someone as powerful as Godzilla! Godzilla is the King of the Monsters and with a single punch he can do some massive damage. I don’t think that Bouldergeist could take too many punches from Godzilla. Godzilla wins.

Bouldergeist vs Cyber Shredder

Bouldergeist has a lot of rocks at his disposal, but they won’t be enough to stop Cyber Shredder! Cyber Shredder has been pwning for a while now and knows how to be a winner! That’s the important part, Cyber Shredder wins this round and rises up the ranks. Maybe Bouldergeist will be back soon. Cyber Shredder wins.