Fishbone D vs Sailor Mars

Suggested by Destroyer Sailor Mars has returned, but this time she is in a fight that she can win. Fishbone D isn’t weak, he was even able to get the drop on Rukia. That being said, he doesn’t have any particularly impressive super powers and I doubt that his durability would be enough to withstand Sailor Mars’ flames. He would deal heavy damage if he landed a hit on Mars, but I don’t think that is going to happen in time and she finally gets to add a new win to her name. Sailor Mars wins.

Fishbone D vs Lust

Fishbone D is back, but I’m afraid that he is still pretty outclassed by Lust. Lust is much quicker than Fishbone D and her regenerative abilities will certainly help in this fight. Fishbone D won’t be able to deal enough damage to defeat her and she only needs a few hits to take him down for the count. Perhaps Fishbone D will have better luck another day. Lust wins.

Fishbone D vs Pride

Fishbone D is one of those bleach villains who is not quite as strong as you might expect. He appeared in the very first Bleach episode and it’s safe to say that he was defeated rather easily. Pride could easily destroy him with a few strikes from his lethal tendrils. Fishbone D has no real defense against that kind of attack and he will suffer defeat. His speed is not enough for him to win. Pride wins.

Fishbone D vs Charizard

Fishbone D may be a tough hollow, but he really has nothing on Charizard! Charizard is one of Ash’s original Pokemon and his abilities are on a different level. He could speed blitz Fishbone D all day and a few good fire blasts should take the hollow down for the count. This is the power of the Charizard! Charizard wins.

Fishbone D vs Longshot

Longshot may have a gun, but it won’t save him in this match. Longshot is just not powerful enough to take down Fishbone D. Fishbone D may have claws and stuff so but it cant save him. Logshot is just not strong enough to win this match. Fishbone D gets himself a win. Fishbone D wins.