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Guts vs Ichigo

Guts may be a bold fighter but he doesn’t really have what it takes when you put him up against someone truly powerful like Ichigo. Ichigo is a true master of the sword and would be able to easily run rings around Guts. Ichigo can basically fly which gives him more options in combat as well and all of this basically spells victory for the young Soul Reaper. Ichigo wins.

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Areus vs Ichigo

Areus has some good spells at his disposal which is certainly a good thing since his reaction times never really seem to be on point. He’s a good character but one who struggles a lot along the way. He needs to learn that he isn’t the strongest swordsman out there and what better way to learn than by getting wrecked by Ichigo? Ichigo is far faster and stronger than Areus so the outcome is clear. Ichigo wins.

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Natsu vs Ichigo

Suggested by Destroyer Natsu is a very powerful fire type fighter and he continues to get stronger with each arc. He has gotten to the point where he is a real threat to just about any fighter. That being said, I don’t think he is quite ready to handle Ichigo yet. Ichigo has his bankai and has been powered up many times over the years. His abilities by the end are just leagues above the rest. Having a sword also means that his attack range is greater than Natsu and that helps a lot in a fight like this. Ichigo wins. 

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Frieza vs Ichigo

Requested by Destroyer For a long time this was actually a fight that I had to spend some reasonable thought on. Frieza’s an early DBZ villain so it’s easy to forget just how strong he is, but it’s also due to the fact that Ichigo is just quite impressive on his own as well. However, Gold Frieza makes this a rather large blowout. This form really gave him a huge boost in speed and power to the point where he is in a whole new league. Ichigo simply can’t catch Frieza now and I don’t believe his attacks would cause that much damage either. Frieza wins.

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Ryuunosuke vs Ichigo

Ichigo Kurosaki2
Ryuunosuke is back and he’s up against a true fighter now! Ichigo is a top tier anime fighter and he can likely cleave whole planets in two with a single stroke. I always had a feeling that he could and this has basically been confirmed if you really think about it. Ryuunosuke wouldn’t last a second in this fight and that’s why Ichigo’s voice will always be iconic for his own character. Ichigo wins.

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Tsukishima vs Ichigo

Tsukishima is back and he’s up against one of the strongest anime characters out there. Ichigo’s speed and power put him on a higher level than the average fighter. He has a solid array of attacks at his disposal and any one of them could defeat Tsukishima. Tsukishima is an experienced swordfighter in his own right, but he’s not ready to challenge Ichigo at this point in time. Ichigo wins.

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Ichigo vs Batman

This is a tribute to Son of Batman. Batman may have a lot of gadgets, but he definitely missed a lot of opportunities in his latest film. It got so bad that I knew that Batman deserved another loss. He’s definitely no match for Ichigo Kurosaki. Ichigo has speed that would leave Batman confused and his raw power is also in a league of its own. Batman is simply outmatched this time. Ichigo wins.

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Hellrunner vs Ichigo

Hellrunner is back, but he’s going to have to lose this round! Ichigo has now reached 100 battles on the blog and most of those are wins. He’s easily one of the strongest characters out there and one good slash will be enough to take the Hellrunner down. The Hellrunner may have split his matches today, but we’ll see what the future brings. Will he go on to be one of the big fighters like Ichigo or one of the big punching bags like the One Above All? Only time will tell! Ichigo wins.

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Wybie Lovat vs Ichigo

Wybie Lovat is back and he’s ready to rock and roll! Unfortunately, his quick thinking won’t be enough for him to stop Ichigo. Ichigo just needs an instant and he’ll slice the world in half. Wybie Lovat can’t possibly dodge such an attack and he would quickly be defeated. Maybe he’ll have better luck next time! Ichigo wins.

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Space Dandy vs Ichigo

Space Dandy is back and I’m definitely ready to see him rack up another loss! He’s just not in the same league as Ichigo and he doesn’t have a chance of winning. Ichigo is vastly superior to him in all categories and he’s a much better character. Ichigo is a hero that one can look up too and support. One good slash will end this. Ichigo wins.