Saitama vs Ichigo

Suggested by Destroyer Now this is a battle of two of the most powerful characters in all of media. Ichigo is in the highest tier of Shonen Jump leads along with Goku and Seiya. That said, Saitama is easily up there as well and aside from all the lore about being the strongest he has actually showcased these abilities on many occasions now. I do think at this point he has the speed needed to keep up with Ichigo and he’s always had enough power to deal a lot of damage. I see him taking victory at this point. Saitama wins.

Mash vs Saitama

Mash and Saitama are both total powerhouses who can destroy most opponents with a single punch. In a way you could say that Mash is probably based on Saitama but in this case the copy cannot defeat the original. Saitama is much too powerful here and his stats around the board are just way too impressive. Mash’s punches probably wouldn’t even do much if any damage to the guy. Saitama is just too broken to lose at this point. Saitama wins.

Saitama vs Naruto

Suggested by Destroyer Saitama is always an interesting character because we are unlikely to ever see his full power until we reach the final arcs of One Punch Man. Still, we can use what he has already done in fights to put as his max power for now and I would say that’s even above Naruto. Naruto has some great moments particularly in his final forms but I would make the case that none of his abilities are quite as powerful as what Saitama showed against Boros. That will be enough to put Naruto down. Saitama wins.

Superman vs Saitama

Suggested by JordyPresto0418 Superman is incredibly powerful to the point where I would say he is the strongest comic book character of all time. That being said, he just isn’t ready for someone on Saitama’s level. This guy is known as the One Punch Man for good reason after all. His stats are in a different dimension and there’s no way for Superman to land any hits. Even if Superman were to get a good hit in, it’s very unlikely that the attack would deal any kind of damage. That’s the kind of difference in power we are talking about here. Saitama wins.

Acnologia vs Saitama

Suggested by Sonic Acnologia is one of the strongest Fairy Tail characters in the verse. You can even make a case for him still being the strongest even with the sequel series out. That being said, he wouldn’t be able to defeat Saitama. Saitama’s power is unrivaled and he has attained many crazy speed and durability feats. Acnologia has already lost to a single punch in the past so it’s time for de ja vu. Saitama wins.

Atomic Samurai vs Saitama

Atomic Samurai has become a bit of a meme over recent years to the point where he is commonly referred to as the Atomic Sandbag since he’s always getting wrecked by just about everyone. Still, the guy is quite powerful in his own right. The main issue is that he just doesn’t stand any kind of chance against Saitama. Ultimately one punch will take him out. Saitama wins.

Flashy Flash vs Saitama

Flashy Flash is well known for his speed but it’s not like he’s as fast as Saitama. This is particularly unfortunate for him in a fight because then he has nothing else. Saitama is also a lot more powerful than Flashy Flash although that goes without saying. That’s why there is very little chance for Flashy to do much of anything here. No matter what he tries to do, Saitama will be one step ahead of him throughout. When that ends up being the case, Flashy’s options just become very limited. Saitama wins.

Meteor Man vs Saitama

This is a tribute to the film Meteor Man. This guy lucked into his powers but never really got the hang of them and ultimately squandered every opportunity. In comparison Saitama immediately took his new skills in stride and started taking down all of the nearby monsters. He’s a hero for fun, but one who certainly does get a lot of results. It won’t take long for him to claim victory. Saitama wins.

Melkor vs Saitama

Suggested by iKnowledge Melkor is definitely a very powerful fighter but I don’t think he is quite ready to fight someone as strong as Saitama. Saitama could circle the planet in the time it would take for Melkor to even realize that he is there. A single punch would completely shatter Melkor. This guy may be huge, but Saitama has taken down giants in the past. As always, one punch should be enough to end this. Saitama wins.

Yami Yugi vs Saitama


Suggested by Destroyer Yami Yugi is a very capable duelist but I don’t think that he is quite ready to take on Saitama. For starters none of Yami’s cards are fast enough to hit him and I doubt that they are strong enough to damage him either. Saitama is just in a whole different league when it comes to ability and Yami would need a serious power up to surpass him. Saitama wins.