Dr Manhattan vs Melkor

Suggested by Sonic Dr Manhattan has always thought of himself as a super powerful individual, but when you really think about it he just doesn’t stand a chance against Melkor. Melkor has proven himself to be just as mighty and even more so since he actually fights. Melkor can turn giant, he can fire off elemental blasts, create force fields, etc. There’s nothing Dr Manhattan can do that Melkor can’t counter and surpass. In a straight fight between these two I don’t expect it’ll even be all that close. Melkor wins.

All Might vs Melkor

Suggested by iKnowledge All Might is the symbol of peace and one of those characters who has nearly unfathomable super strength. His abilities are in a class of their own and I believe he would crush Melkor without much difficulty. Melkor may be able to grow to a huge size and has a lot going for him, but he really can’t keep up with All Might. He’d be speedblitzed and would eventually go down. Melkor doesn’t have enough power to stop this guy. All Might wins.

Melkor vs Saitama

Suggested by iKnowledge Melkor is definitely a very powerful fighter but I don’t think he is quite ready to fight someone as strong as Saitama. Saitama could circle the planet in the time it would take for Melkor to even realize that he is there. A single punch would completely shatter Melkor. This guy may be huge, but Saitama has taken down giants in the past. As always, one punch should be enough to end this. Saitama wins.

Sarah Kerrigan vs Melkor

Suggested by Unknown Sarah Kerrigan was a strong warrior who was pretty good with a blaster and that was before she obtained cosmic abilities and Psi powers far beyond that of the average fighter. She even turned into one of the aliens that she was hunting at one point. Melkor has gotten a lot of hype, but supposedly Sauron grew to be stronger than him and Melkor did have some trouble with the giant spider Ungoliant. I’m not really sure he would be able to take Sarah down in a fair fight. He is strong to be sure, but she is quick and her cosmic blasts will deal a lot of damage to him which will add up quickly. Sarah Kerrigan wins.

Yugi vs Melkor

Suggested by IKnowledge Looks like it is time for Yugi to return and he’s up against another LOTR character. Melkor is definitely supposed to be very powerful and he has a lot of hype backing him up, but Yugi has an array of monsters and feats on his side. I really don’t see Melkor lasting very long against Slifer The Sky Dragon and one good energy blast would finish this fight. Melkor may be cosmic, but Yugi has the heart of the cards! Yugi wins.

Voldemort vs Melkor

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1
Voldemort has some pretty powerful spells at his disposal, but I have to question just how effective they will be against Melkor. Melkor is a sorcerer as well and his armor is quite durable. One hit from Melkor’s axe would surely defeat Voldemort although one spell should have a similar effect if it can get past Melkor’s armor. I have to question whether the spells can in fact do this and thus, I give Melkor the edge here. He can charge into the fray and quickly press his advantage. Melkor wins.

Thor vs Melkor

Melkor is back on the blog, but now he’s up against one of the strongest Marvel fighters out there. Thor has the edge in raw power as a good Godblast would take the fight out of Melkor. Melkor also couldn’t keep up with Thor’s speed and his reality abilities simply would not help him. Thor’s combat experience will surely come in handy as well and Melkor is simply outmatched. Thor wins.

Melkor vs Link

Melkor is a powerful being to be sure, but he doesn’t have the guts and determination that Link possesses. Link has saved the world many times over the years and he’s typically had to do it on his own. As such, Link has gained a lot of battle experience against a variety of foes and his light arrows will certainly be fatal against Melkor. I don’t see how Melkor can hope to keep Link down for the count with his lack of good speed feats. He will have a tough time trying to land a hit! Link wins.

Bass vs Melkor

Melkor is one of those beings whose power transcends our current knowledge. It is very hard to defeat him and nearly impossible to destroy him. Luckily, that’s where Bass comes in. Melkor’s hammer can be deadly if you are hit with it and he has shown resistance to mind control, but Bass has brute force on his side. You can never be immune to a good ole fashioned punch once it has reached a certain degree of power and Bass just has the edge here. His speed is limitless and he has a large array of energy attacks. No blast can breach his force field and he also has Hubstyle at the ready. I’ll be the first to admit that Melkor may be tough, but he is simply outmatched. Bass wins.