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Yugi vs Melkor

Suggested by IKnowledge Looks like it is time for Yugi to return and he’s up against another LOTR character. Melkor is definitely supposed to be very powerful and he has a lot of hype backing him up, but Yugi has an array of monsters and feats on his side. I really don’t see Melkor lasting very long against Slifer The Sky Dragon and one good energy blast would finish this fight. Melkor may be cosmic, but Yugi has the heart of the cards! Yugi wins.

8 thoughts on “Yugi vs Melkor”

      1. I agree and concur with jhg195. At his most powerful, Melkor/Morgoth could have made Yugi disintegrate without so much as a blink. And then, there is the matter of size. Yugi’s short, the largest depictions of his opponent here have him be 40 feet or more, as in here:–VYnuIn8Exc/T49AE0eXpTI/AAAAAAAAAVM/soofq8-xhGg/s1600/nasmith.jpg, and, as well as Admittedly, Yugi’s monsters could fly that high, but Morgoth/Melkor did smash Fingolfin’s neck when he beat him in their duel (which I think will never happen on screen in my lifetime). I hope this does well.

      2. Melkor is tall and powerful, but he’s lacking one thing that Yugi has in abundance…heart! Jk, but it’s kind of true. Yugi has a lot of monsters at his disposal and that’s what I believe will be the tipping point here. They can assault Melkor from all sides and a few good hits from Slifer should take him down for the count. Yugi can also activate his Mirror Force trap card and the barrels trap which reflects damage to buy himself some time if his monsters are going down.

  1. That may be so, again, but Morgoth’s hammer could cause craters to form in the earth around where he fought Fingolfin. His feet are described as “the weight of it was like a fallen hill”. Considering how big a hill is compared to a person, Yugi will feel like a rock is on him before he can say “Dark Magician, Attack!”. Melkor/Morgoth did have a poisonous sword in early drafts, as well as a black spear, so Yugi could be impaled or poisoned. Even then, Yugi could probably not touch his incorporeal form. Just so that you understand my reasons for voting.

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