Sanji vs Yugi

Suggested by Destroyer Yugi has a whole lot of trading cards at his disposal which equals to a monster army. Defeating him is not easy but at this point I do think Sanji has the feats to pull it off. Yugi’s toughest monsters are definitely going to be the Egyptian God Cards here. They can absolutely deal heavy damage but I don’t see them being fast enough to stop Sanji. None of Yugi’s cards are fast enough and that’s why he will ultimately lose this battle. Sanji wins.

Yugi vs Knuckles

Suggested by Sonic This is probably the trickiest match in some ways. On one hand Yugi has a ton of monsters, spells, and trap cards at his disposal. While not all of them would be a threat to Knuckles, the Egyptian god cards are certainly a force to be reckoned with as well as the Dark Magician pair. Then Yugi also has a lot of redirection spells. On the other hand, Knuckles has obtained significant power ups thanks to the chaos emeralds. His power is also off the charts with enough speed to give Sonic a fight. I’ve got to go with Knuckles here. This is one case where sheer numbers is just not going to be enough to outweigh his raw power. Knuckles wins.

Yugi vs Mephisto

Suggested by iknowledge Mephisto is a pretty powerful Marvel villain. He’s always lurking just behind the scenes waiting to throw the world into chaos. That being said, he won’t have an answer for Yugi’s army of monsters. There are too many of them for him to stop and they all have special abilities. If he tries to go past them and head straight for Yugi he will quickly be ambushed by a trap card. It’s a lose-lose situation for him either way. Yugi wins.

Yugi vs Magneto

Suggested by iKnowledge Yugi has a lot of monsters at his disposal. For the most part the majority of them aren’t all that impressive, but obtaining the God Cards definitely changes that considerably. His Dark Magician also has some powered up forms which helps a bit. Magneto could likely handle most of Yugi’s monsters one on one, but he would be up against a full army and would eventually be overwhelmed. Yugi wins.

Cana vs Yugi

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Suggested by iKnowledge Cana is a skilled card user who has even more tricks up her sleeve than Gambit. Whether it be explosives or sleep cards, she is always prepared. That being said, Yugi has dozens of cards at his disposal and they will be enough to build a solid defense around him. Cana’s ultimate trump card is her Fairy Glitter and that should be blocked by Obelisk. Even if the blow manages to defeat him, she won’t be able to use the attack again very easily and the energy used for the attack will leave her vulnerable. Yugi wins.

Yugi vs Loki

Suggested by iKnowledge Loki is a tough trickster but I don’t think he is quite ready to match wits against Yugi. Yugi is a genius in all games and that translates pretty well to combat. He had a legion of cards at his disposal to hack away at Loki’s life points. The god of Mischief may still be an Asgardian but that will only delay the inevitable. He shall fall and will be forced to acknowledge Yugi as the champ. Yugi wins.

Gorilla Grodd vs Yugi

Suggested by iKnowledge Gorilla Grodd is a pretty tough customer. His physical strength is matched only by his intellect. That being said, I don’t think he will do very well against Yugi. Yugi just has to activate one of his trap cards or summon s high level monster and it’s over for Grodd. How can Grodd hope to defeat one of the Egyptian God Cards at Yugi’s disposal? Yugi wins.

Frankenstein vs Yugi

This is a tribute to Yugioh: The Dark Dimensions. Frankenstein is back, but he won’t be able to take on Yugi in a fair fight. Yugi has a lot of monsters and one of those just happens to be Exodia. Exodia obliterates and Frankenstein will learn that first hand by the time this round is over. He has no way to dodge any of the attacks and he certainly cannot hope to endure them. There is no possible path to victory that I can see at the moment. Yugi wins.

Yugi vs Melkor

Suggested by IKnowledge Looks like it is time for Yugi to return and he’s up against another LOTR character. Melkor is definitely supposed to be very powerful and he has a lot of hype backing him up, but Yugi has an array of monsters and feats on his side. I really don’t see Melkor lasting very long against Slifer The Sky Dragon and one good energy blast would finish this fight. Melkor may be cosmic, but Yugi has the heart of the cards! Yugi wins.

Yugi vs Sauron (LOTR)

Suggested by IKnowledge Yugi is a very skilled duelist. While he may have started out in TYami Yugi’s shadow, he eventually mastered the art of dueling as well. He has access to the three Egyptian God Cards and a lot of other monsters are at his disposal as well. Considering that Sauron had trouble with a single warrior, I don’t believe he could stand up to Yugi’s onslaught. That’s not even taking the spell and trap cards into consideration. Sauron is certainly not fast enough to dodge either so he has no choice but to lose! Yugi wins.