Cana vs Yugi

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Suggested by iKnowledge Cana is a skilled card user who has even more tricks up her sleeve than Gambit. Whether it be explosives or sleep cards, she is always prepared. That being said, Yugi has dozens of cards at his disposal and they will be enough to build a solid defense around him. Cana’s ultimate trump card is her Fairy Glitter and that should be blocked by Obelisk. Even if the blow manages to defeat him, she won’t be able to use the attack again very easily and the energy used for the attack will leave her vulnerable. Yugi wins.


4 thoughts on “Cana vs Yugi

  1. It may be the case that Yugi could win this battle, but Cana could attempt to seduce him, or at least use her sex appeal to affect him. In the manga and original series, for example: *admin removed link* And in the Original Japanese 1st season: (Go to 2:04-2:11). That proves he’s susceptible to the charms of women. Admittedly, He did have a bit of a crush on her. I hope my point’s taken. They’d probably be shaking afterward, out of acknowledgment of the other’s talent.

    Good work. I may have more battles coming up soon.

    • That won’t work on Yugi. He’s too serious about dueling and the Heart of the Cards. The only way someone is going to defeat him is in a fair duel where both fighters have put their decks on the line. Cana’s attempts will only activate Yugi’s trap cards. As soon as he summons his trump cards like the Dark Magician the fight will be all over

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