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Cana vs Dr Strange

Suggested by iKnowledge Cana is one of the members of Fairy Tail so you may assume that this is a blowout, but she isn’t quite as powerful as most of the other members. She does have a few knock out moves like Fairy Glitter, but it takes a lot of energy out of her and should be used as a last resort. Dr Strange just has more options at his disposal and his magical abilities can definitely hold their own against Cana. She is strong and fast, but I just don’t think she really has any big advantages over Strange here. Pulling out a win would be unlikely. Dr Strange wins.

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Yami Yugi vs Cana

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Suggested by iKnowledge Yami Yugi is Cana’s next opponent and how the match will go down is almost identical to the Yugi fight. Yami still has a ton of cards at his disposal which will prove to be too much for her. She just can’t stop them all and Yani will easily be able to counter her ultimate Fairy Glitter technique. She is out of options and out of time. Yami Yugi wins.

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Cana vs Yugi

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Suggested by iKnowledge Cana is a skilled card user who has even more tricks up her sleeve than Gambit. Whether it be explosives or sleep cards, she is always prepared. That being said, Yugi has dozens of cards at his disposal and they will be enough to build a solid defense around him. Cana’s ultimate trump card is her Fairy Glitter and that should be blocked by Obelisk. Even if the blow manages to defeat him, she won’t be able to use the attack again very easily and the energy used for the attack will leave her vulnerable. Yugi wins.