Yami Yugi vs Cana

maxresdefault (7)
Suggested by iKnowledge Yami Yugi is Cana’s next opponent and how the match will go down is almost identical to the Yugi fight. Yami still has a ton of cards at his disposal which will prove to be too much for her. She just can’t stop them all and Yani will easily be able to counter her ultimate Fairy Glitter technique. She is out of options and out of time. Yami Yugi wins.


2 thoughts on “Yami Yugi vs Cana

  1. Good Work. Even if I’m no fan of Fairy Tail, I can see Both shaking the other’s hand after the duel is won. Anyways: some new battle ideas:

    Serra (Fire Emblem) vs Mad Madam Mim
    Stannis Baratheon vs Euron Greyjoy
    Stannis Baratheon vs Randyll Tarly
    Mary Marvel (DC Comics) Vs Demona (Gargoyles)
    Siri Tachi (Star Wars) http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Siri_Tachi vs Exar Kun (also Star Wars).

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