Shazam vs Knuckles

Suggested by Sonic Shazam is incredibly powerful but he hasn’t had to go toe to toe with Sonic a bunch of times. While Knuckles definitely doesn’t have that same kind of speed, he is still incredibly fast in his super and hyper forms. His attacks would deal a whole lot of damage to Shazam as well. This could end up being a little close if Shazam is able to land some blows but ultimately Knuckles will win this out with his speed. Knuckles wins.

Yugi vs Knuckles

Suggested by Sonic This is probably the trickiest match in some ways. On one hand Yugi has a ton of monsters, spells, and trap cards at his disposal. While not all of them would be a threat to Knuckles, the Egyptian god cards are certainly a force to be reckoned with as well as the Dark Magician pair. Then Yugi also has a lot of redirection spells. On the other hand, Knuckles has obtained significant power ups thanks to the chaos emeralds. His power is also off the charts with enough speed to give Sonic a fight. I’ve got to go with Knuckles here. This is one case where sheer numbers is just not going to be enough to outweigh his raw power. Knuckles wins.

Unicron vs Knuckles

Suggested by Destroyer Unicron is definitely strong and his size ensures that a single hit will send Knuckles flying. Fortunately for the Echidna he has the Master Emerald at the ready. In Chaos Mode Knuckles is probably even stronger than Unicron and with his speed he will be able to dodge all counter attacks. I’m afraid that it will all be over for Unicron in an instant. Knuckles wins.

Knuckles vs DK

maxresdefault (6)
Suggested by Super Dark Shadow. DK is a powerhouse who has always been known as one of the stronger Mario characters. I can’t really argue that to be honest since his physical power is actually pretty scary. That being said, I definitely think Knuckles could take him on. Knuckles is strong as well and in his most powerful forms he is also quite fast. Knuckles would have DK down in a few hits guaranteed. This Kong just isn’t strong enough to stop him. Knuckles wins.

Knuckles vs Bowser

Bowser Knuckles
Bowser is powerful, but he won’t be able to take Knuckles out of the fight. Knuckles can definitely overpower Bowser in a fist fight and his speed is also a lot greater. Knuckles would overwhelm Bowser with his hand to hand combat skills and eventually the King of the Koopas would be soundly defeated. Knuckles wins.

Shadow vs Knuckles

Knuckles definitely has a lot of raw power at one good punch would knock most opponents for a loop. Still, Shadow is pretty legendary and with Chaos Control on his side…he’s just not the type to be defeated. In his Super Shadow form he’d have the massive speed advantage and while Knuckles may be physically stronger, he’d have a tough time landing a solid blow on Shadow. Shadow wins.

Fanfic version below!

The Ultimate Life Form vs the Powerhouse

Knuckles vs Thing

The Thing definitely has a lot of raw power on his side, but so does Knuckles. Knuckles is also faster and more of a fighter. The Thing won’t be able to keep up with Knuckles fast barrage of attacks. Of course Knuckles also has some pretty intense power ups to help him even more. Knuckles wins.

Meta Knight vs Knuckles

Meta Knight is a quick fighter and once fought Marth. Of course Knuckles has his Hyper form and has been shown to be able to fight on par with guys like Sonic! It’s power vs speed in this match, but in hyper form Knuckles speed isn’t too bad. He takes this win and rises up the blog ranks. Knuckles wins.

Tengu Shredder vs Knuckles

Tengu Shredder is back, but sadly for him it’s for a crushing defeat. Knuckles is too powerful and too fast for Tengu Shredder. Hyper Knuckler is 1000 times stronger than his base form. That easily makes him strong enough to take down Tengu Shredder. Tengu Shredder takes another loss. Knuckles wins.