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Spring Man vs DK

Suggested by Sonic Spring Man is a pretty tough hand to hand fighter. He’s good at zoning out opponents with his long reach and then moving in for the win. That won’t work too well against DK though. DK is a lot stronger than Spring Man and fast enough to grab his fists as they approach. Spring Man could stick to long range firepower but DK can easily catch him with his rockets. Once DK gets a good hit the match will be over. It’ll stun Spring Man long enough for DK to finish the job. DK wins.

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Ditto vs DK

Suggested by Sonic DK is a heavy weight fighter. He’s taken a lot of powerful shots back in his day and always rose back up to the challenge. Ditto will have a hard time copying that level of charisma. Still, Ditto’s copy ability has allowed him to become many powerful Pokemon. While his copied abilities don’t seem to be as strong as the authentic articles, he is still more than a match for DK here. DK isn’t good against long range attacks and Ditto has plenty of those. Ditto wins.

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Kirby vs DK

Suggested by Sonic DK is a pretty strong fighter who definitely knows how to play the drums pretty well. I don’t think that he is the kind of guy that you want to underestimate. That being said, Kirby has absorbed many different abilities over the years including barriers and energy blasts. I don’t see DK being able to get past all of that and he is too slow to stop Kirby from controlling the pace in this fight. Kirby wins.

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Banzai Bill vs DK

Suggested by Sonic The Banzai Bill is one of the most powerful Mario villains to date. Typically you don’t even want to mess with this guy and in games like Super Smash you can’t even hurt him. That being said, DK is a music meister whose shockwaves can keep the Bill from getting close. Banzai would simply explode before he could get close enough to deal any real damage. DK wins.

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Knuckles vs DK

maxresdefault (6)
Suggested by Super Dark Shadow. DK is a powerhouse who has always been known as one of the stronger Mario characters. I can’t really argue that to be honest since his physical power is actually pretty scary. That being said, I definitely think Knuckles could take him on. Knuckles is strong as well and in his most powerful forms he is also quite fast. Knuckles would have DK down in a few hits guaranteed. This Kong just isn’t strong enough to stop him. Knuckles wins.

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Little Mac vs DK

unnamed (1)
It’s been a while since Little Mac returned to fight on the blog and he’s up against a pretty powerful Mario fighter. DK has been known to rival Bowser in strength and he’s also quicker than the King of the Koopas, which can be tricky for the boxer. Luckily, Little Mac is no slouch in the speed department either and his fierce uppercut will guarantee his success in this round. You can also expect him to be getting many more wins in the near future since he has proven to be the MVP of the latest Super Smash Bros game! Little Mac wins.

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Toon Link vs DK

Toon Link smashing DK
DK is a pretty tough fighter, but he won’t be able to cope with Toon Link’s array of weapons. Toon Link has his Light Arrows, which could end the fight in an instant. His Ice Arrows could also freeze DK, but Toon Link can also just win in a good ole hand to hand fight. DK just wouldn’t stand a chance against such skill. Toon Link wins.

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Kapp’n vs DK

Kapp’n may seem to be a pretty tricky fellow, but he just doesn’t have what it takes to defeat someone like DK. DK is a powerful warrior who never backs down from a fight and he’s as tough as they come. One good punch will be enough to blow everyone away. It’s just the way that the ball bounces and I think it’s safe to say that Kapp’n is out of his league. DK wins.

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Zelda vs DK

Zelda slaps DK (1)
DK is definitely a strong opponent, but he lacks the speed needed to keep up with Zelda. Zelda’s magic gives her a clear advantage in a long range battle, but she also has the edge in a fist fight as well. Her blows may not have the raw power that DK’s do, but her magical abilities make up for that. Getting hit by a magically amped punch is not fun! Zelda wins.

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Rosalina vs DK

DK is a veteran in Smash Bros and he’s a tough combatant. Rosalina’s telekinesis will prove to be a problem for DK since he’s typically a close range combat fighter. DK definitely has the power advantage, but it won’t be enough to win this round. Rosalina can stay out of his range and then quickly duck in for hit and run tactics. Rosalina wins.