Mr Incredible vs Little Mac

Suggested by Sonic Mr Incredible is a strong guy. He’s built like a tank and while his super strength isn’t quite at Superman’s level, he’s had his moments. Little Mac usually would get smacked right away but he does have his Giga Mac form. This form boosts his strength, although ultimately I would say it’s not quite enough. Mr Incredible still outranks him in pure power. Mr Incredible wins.

Little Mac vs Swordman

Suggested by Sonic Little Mac is a skilled boxer and he can even grow a bit which amps up his strength and power. That being said, it will not be enough to take down Swordman here. The navi can switch between quite a few forms and do so quickly to unleash devastating combos. As skilled as Little Mac is, he just won’t be able to adapt and counter such attacks so quickly. He will be out of his depth here and Swordman will cut him down. Fists are also just not a good matchup against a blade. Swordman wins.

Little Mac vs Master Chief

Suggested by Destroyer Little Mac is a good boxer and someone who can definitely hold his own in a fight. That being said, Master Chief has the overwhelming advantage in this fight. Mac isn’t a long range fighter, he needs Chief to get in close in order to deal any damage. That’s a huge weakness because all Master Chief has to do in order to claim victory…is not to approach. So long as he does that there really isn’t anything that Little Mac can do to win. His options are severely limited. Master Chief wins.

Little Mac vs Corrin

Suggested by Sonic Little Mac has returned to try and climb up the rankings, but he won’t be able to surpass a fighter as adept as Corrin. Corrin has water abilities at her disposal and can also transform into a dragon. At the end of the day Little Mac is basically just a normal boxer who can turn giant. There’s not much he can do here. Corrin wins.

Little Mac vs King Dedede

Suggested by Sonic King Dedede may not look like the toughest guy out there, but he’s actually reasonably tough. His hammer packs a punch and he has several powered up forms that he has gotten over the years. It’ll be tough for Little Mac to deal with his array of rockets and energy blasts. Once they’re in close quarters combat he could likely overwhelm the King with speed and precision, but I just don’t see him getting in. Dedede just has too many long range options. King Dedede wins.

Little Mac vs Wario

Suggested by Sonic Wario has his Wario Man form at the ready and he’s always been a pretty talented adventurer. I think Little Mac could give him a pretty reasonable fight and the match could actually be close. That being said, Wario would still claim the edge in the end. His ability to fly is a huge advantage in this battle as he isn’t limited to duking it out with Mac. This way Wario can fly and tackle his way to victory. Wario wins.

Little Mac vs Ganondorf

Suggested by Sonic Little Mac is a very talented boxer and he isn’t the kind of opponent who will go down easy. That being said, he is definitely outmatched against the King of Darkness. Ganondorf’s power outranks Mac’s by a wide margin and it would take a lot of punches to bring him down. Ganondorf’s an old hand at combat and he will be able to easily think up a way to slow Mac down in time to claim the win. Ganondorf wins.

Snake vs Little Mac

Suggested by Sonic Little Mac is an ace fighter and will definitely deal a lot of punishing blows if he can get in close. That being said, it’ll be very difficult to do that since Snake specializes in keeping people away. Even if Little Mac uses his Giga Mac form to try and close the distance it’ll just make him a bigger target. I think this just isn’t a particularly good matchup for the boxer. Snake wins.

Incineroar vs Little Mac

Suggested by Sonic Little Mac may have been the first boxer you’d think of when playing Super Smash Bros but that may be about to change. Incineroar is also a skilled close quarters fighter and his raw power is far greater than that of Little Mac’s. Not only is his hand to hand good, but he also has a plethora of special abilities that he can use to attack Mac from afar. There are few opponents who can really hope to handle Little Mac, but Incineroar is one of them. Incineroar wins.

Marshadow vs Little Mac

Suggested by Sonic Little Mac is definitely a solid fighter, but so is Marshadow. Marshadow knows hand to hand combat like the back of his hand and also has many elemental attacks to give him the edge here. Little Mac will be able to dodge and parry for a while, but eventually Marshadow’s superior speed and power will prove to be the edge here. There just isn’t much that Little Mac will be able to do against this level of ability. Marshadow wins.