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Shulk vs Snake

Suggested by Sonic Whenever Shulk says “This is the Monado’s Power!” you start to wonder how strong the blade is. Well, people who have played Xenoblade Chronicles will let you know that it isn’t a normal sword. By the end of the game Shulk effectively has godlike power and Snake is ultimately just a guy with a lot of explosives. Just think about it, which character would you pick to win in such a confrontation? Shulk wins.

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Bowser Jr vs Snake

Suggested by Sonic Bowser Jr is an interesting Mario character. He has appeared quite a lot over the years and continues to get more popular, but we still don’t know much about him. He’s got a robot suit though and a whole arsenal of other support vehicles. This will make it difficult for Snake to pin him down. While his conventional weaponry could do the job if he lands enough hits, I think Bowser Jr is resourceful enough to dodge and land the finishing blows. Bowser Jr wins.

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Snake vs ROB

Suggested by Sonic Time for Snake to go up against a robot. ROB may look fairly unimpressive, but don’t let his design fool you. This guy’s a fighter through and through. He’s got lasers for days and will very quickly begin to take the advantage here against Snake. Snake has more guns on his side, but he just doesn’t have anything durable enough to withstand ROB’s counter attacks. Throw in the fact that ROB can effectively fly through his hover boosts and Snake will have a hard time staying out of the line of fire. ROB wins.

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Snake vs Little Mac

Suggested by Sonic Little Mac is an ace fighter and will definitely deal a lot of punishing blows if he can get in close. That being said, it’ll be very difficult to do that since Snake specializes in keeping people away. Even if Little Mac uses his Giga Mac form to try and close the distance it’ll just make him a bigger target. I think this just isn’t a particularly good matchup for the boxer. Snake wins.

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Ramblin’ Evil Mushroom vs Snake

Suggested by Sonic Never underestimate the mushrooms. That’s basically the first thing you learn when walking into a forest. That being said, I don’t think this mushroom has what it takes to defeat Snake. Snake is simply too skilled of an agent to go down like that. The mushroom can run and he can throw some spores around,m but Snake’s heavy artillery will quickly burn him to the ground. When you see how Snake fights you can definitely see what I mean. Snake wins.

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Luigi vs Snake

Suggested by Sonic Snake has a lot of weapons at his disposal. The guy is a pro at hand to hand combat and stealth tactics. In a match of skill he has got this hands down, but Luigi has a plethora of special abilities at his disposal which he can use to even the playing field. A few good bolts of electricity can really turn the tides in such a fight. Luigi wins.

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Sonic vs Snake

Suggested by Anonymous Solid Snake has a lot of gadgets at his disposal but they certainly won’t be able to hit Sonic. This is a nightmare match up on paper as well as in practice. Snake is pretty slow even considering that he is amped up. His weapons are limited by the technology as well. Sonic could defeat Shake and still have time to finish his Chili Dog. That’s just how fast Sonic The Hedgehog is! Sonic wins.

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Snake vs Raiden

Solid Snake may be the main character of his franchise, (Or the most well known protagonist anyway) but I’m inclined to go with Raiden in a fight. Raiden’s speed and striking power are superior to Snake’s and he’s a very deadly fighter. While Snake would need several good hits to take Raiden down, Raiden only needs one good shot to win. Raiden wins.

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Inspector Gadget vs Snake

Inspector Gadget is back, but this time he’s up against Snake! He’s a good inspector, but in the end how can he hope to take down someone as powerful as Snake!? Snake has better combat experience and his weapons will get him far. Inspector Gadget drops down the ranks with this loss. Snake wins.