Fox vs Snake

Snake has a lot of grenades and other equipment at his disposal, but Fox has his legendary arwing. Also in a close combat battle, I’d go with Fox in this round. He’s pretty athletic and he does have a pretty nifty laser gun. I don’t think Snake could dodge the blasts for long. Fox wins.

Inspector Gadget vs Snake

Inspector Gadget is back, but this time he’s up against Snake! He’s a good inspector, but in the end how can he hope to take down someone as powerful as Snake!? Snake has better combat experience and his weapons will get him far. Inspector Gadget drops down the ranks with this loss. Snake wins.

Zombie vs Snake

Zombie is back for another loss. He just doesn’t have enough skills to take down Snake. One good grenade and the Zombie is as good as dead. He’s just not quite tough enough to take on Snake. Snake rises up the ranks with this win and shows why he’s such a tough fighter to defeat. Snake wins.

Cobra Commander vs Snake

This is a pretty tough fight. Cobra Commander has his barrier and a good robot as well. Not to mention that he’s a great hand to hand fighter, but Snake has a lot of weapons that are pretty tough and even a sword! Cobra Commander takes a loss and drops down the ranks, but one good power up could save him. Snake wins.

Which he got, in the form of super speed. Cobra Commander wins.

Captain America vs Snake

Captain America has his trusty shield and with it he’s a force to be reckoned with. Of course Snake has his guns and stuff, but can they really win? I don’t think so! Captain America has Mighty Mjolnir and with it he can smash Snake away. Snake takes another loss, but he’ll be back. Captain America wins.

Gemini Saga vs Snake

Gemini Saga is back again. This time it’s up to Snake to try and take him down. Snake may be tough, but in the end he’s no match for Gemini. Gemini Saga can take him out in one shot with his super punch. Snake just wasn’t fast or strong enough to take him down in this battle. Gemini Saga wins.