Inspector Gadget vs Usopp

Suggested by Sonic Inspector Gadget is a crime fighter who always knows just what to bring on a mission. He’s prepared for everything and is a lot braver than Usopp. That being said, Usopp has ultimately stepped up to the plate when needed and between his powerful shock dials and super vegetable monsters, Usopp would have the edge here. Gadget doesn’t have nearly enough tools on hand to try and stop all of that. Usopp wins.

Carmen Sandiego vs Inspector Gadget

Suggested by Sonic Carmen Sandiego is a skilled agent. She can fight if necessary and is good at dodging traps. Inspector Gadget is less of a fighter but he does have a considerable amount of gadgets. The real question is whether or not they would be enough to finally catch her. I believe her experience will be enough to win. Her acrobatic skill and agility will ultimately prove to be her greatest assets as she claims victory. Carmen Sandiego wins.

Elongated Man vs Inspector Gadget

Suggested by Sonic Inspector Gadget is a fun character from back in the day. As the name would suggest he definitely has a lot of items to aid him in combat. They won’t be enough to win here though since Elongated Man can match him move for move while also using his super strength to get the edge in combat. Thanks to the New 52 he can also turn into a Hulk like creature with enough strength to really knock Gadget down a few pegs. Gadget won’t have the right tool for this job and will have to take the loss. Elongated Man wins.

Scooby Doo vs Inspector Gadget

Scooby Doo is a pretty quick guy and he’s foiled the plans on many villains over the years. Still, he doesn’t notice the small details quite as well as the famous Inspector Gadget! Inspector Gadget has his boosters that enable him to move quickly and he can fire lasers out of his finger. That should be enough to win him the match. Inspector Gadget wins.

Bass vs Inspector Gadget

Inspector Gadget is pretty smart and all, but in the end can he really hope to take on Bass? Bass has his darkness overload attack which can overwhelm Inspector Gadget pretty quickly. Inspector Gadget just doesn’t have any gizmos that he can use to stop such an immensely powerful attack. Bass wins.

Inspector Gadget vs Snake

Inspector Gadget is back, but this time he’s up against Snake! He’s a good inspector, but in the end how can he hope to take down someone as powerful as Snake!? Snake has better combat experience and his weapons will get him far. Inspector Gadget drops down the ranks with this loss. Snake wins.

Inspector Gadget vs ROB

Inspector Gadget is one of those guys that you can beat pretty easily, but if you underestimate him you could be in trouble! ROB has a lot of lasers that he really wouldn’t mind using. If they hit Inspector Gadget it’ll all be over. Inspector Gadget may be back someday, but not today. ROB wins.

Inspector Gadget vs Frieza

Inspector Gadget is a good inspector, but he won’t be able to take down Frieza. Frieza is a being of immense power and could take down 100 Inspector Gadgets. Inspector Gadget has good gadgets, but they won’t be able to help stop Frieza from speedblitzing him. Frieza wins.

Inspector Gadget vs Cooler

Inspector Gadget is a pretty tough guy. He’s got a lot of gadgets at his disposal. Of course ink the longrun it won’t be enough to take on Cooler. Cooler is a casual planet buster whose power is extremely high! Inspector Gadget just doesn’t stand a chance against him. Cooler wins.

Inspector Gadget vs Tron

Inspector Gadget is a pretty tough detective, but Tron’s got the speed advantage. He’s taken on many fighters and always proves that he’s one step ahead of the pack. With his disc he can make nearly any throw. His hand to hand skills are also top notch so I’m afraid Inspector Gadget can’t win this round. Tron wins.