Inspector Gadget vs Usopp

Suggested by Sonic Inspector Gadget is a crime fighter who always knows just what to bring on a mission. He’s prepared for everything and is a lot braver than Usopp. That being said, Usopp has ultimately stepped up to the plate when needed and between his powerful shock dials and super vegetable monsters, Usopp would have the edge here. Gadget doesn’t have nearly enough tools on hand to try and stop all of that. Usopp wins.

Gokudera vs Usopp

Suggested by Sonic Gokudera is a very earnest fighter who is always trying to improve his abilities. You can’t help but have a lot of respect for the guy. Usopp is not quite as skilled in combat. His equipment is pretty good for sure, but the guy doesn’t have the physical abilities needed to give Gokudera a true fight. He would quickly be overwhelmed and Gokudera will be able to blast away at him with his fire cannon. Gokudera wins.