Ronald McDonald vs Usopp

Suggested by Sonic I gotta keep it 100 with you guys. Ronald McDonald is one of those guys with more confidence than skills. Not to say that he is powerless in a fight but there isn’t a lot he can do against someone who can snipe from anywhere like Usopp. Usopp may not have a lot of physical abilities but the range at which he can snipe you is what puts him on the map. Ronald would have a very hard time coming out on top here. Usopp wins.

Ronald McDonald vs Minnie Mouse

Suggested by Sonic Ronald McDonald is a pretty cool mascot. I definitely miss the guy since he had a way of commanding the room. That being said Minnie has some reasonable abilities that will give her the edge. For starters she can emit some powerful light which is actually enough to push an enemy back. She can jump fairly high and uses her purse to attack enemies. Ronald would have the edge in a physical match of strength, but he has nothing to counter her light abilities. Minnie Mouse wins.

Spock vs Ronald McDonald

Suggested by Sonic I don’t think we should count Ronald out of the picture too soon. He’s definitely a guy who thinks pretty quick on his feet and is always in the right place at the right time. That being said, he doesn’t have the physical strength or intellect that Spock possesses. Spock could easily beat Ronald without any kind of weapon to aid him. He’s just the superior fighter and doesn’t even need his own food brand to stay relevant. A few good hits will end the fight. Spock wins.

Space Godzilla vs Ronald McDonald

sg 1
Ronald McDonald has his burgers and his good ole sodas, but in the end that won’t be enough to take down Space Godzilla. He’s huge and he knows how to land a really solid blow when he has too! Ronald McDonald may seem like a resourceful guy, but I don’t think that he can win this round. Space Godzilla wins.

Ronald McDonald vs Chuck E Cheese

Chuck E. Cheese's Logo
Ronald McDonald is pretty good with hamburgers and other such food, but can he take down the legendary Chuck E Cheese!? Chuck E Cheese knows how to win games and he does serve up some pretty good pizza. I’d have to give this round to Ronald McDonald because let’s face it…he’s definitely got the hand to hand advantage. Ronald McDonald wins.

Ronald McDonald vs Gamera

Ronald McDonald may have his burgers and fries, but he’s never been quite at Gamera’s level. Gamera has his fireballs. One good shot should take down Ronald McDonald. Ronald McDonald is cool, but he just never had the same amount of defense that Gamera has shown in the past. Gamera wins.

Ronald McDonald vs Lazerman

Ronald McDonald has had his share of fights and his share of losses. This will be another one. Lazerman is too powerful to lose this round and with one disruption beam he’ll take Ronald McDonald out for the count. That’s how Lazerman rolls. Ronald McDonald drops down the blog ranks again. Lazerman wins.

The BioLizard vs Ronald McDonald

The BioLizard is back and this time he’s fighting Ronald McDonald! Ronald may know how to make eating at McDonald’s super fun, but in fighting experience he’s not quite up to snuff against The BioLizard. The BioLizard has beams that could one hit KO Ronald McDonald. Ronald McDonald was powerful, but not powerful enough. The BioLizard wins.

Ronald McDonald vs Scarlet Witch

Ronald McDonald is back, but this time he won’t get to pwn. Scarlet Witch has her hex powers and with them she’s able to take down a lot of fighters. Ronald McDonald has Mc Donalds food, but not even that can win the round for him. Maybe one day he’ll be back to pwn. Scarlet Witch wins.