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Scarlet Witch vs Manthing

Suggested by Sonic Manthing is a pretty interesting character. He does feel like a watered down Swamp Thing for the most part but that doesn’t mean he’s weak. Still, Scarlet Witch won’t really have a problem with him. Her magical abilities far exceed any of Manthing’s moves and so she is in perfect position to score a decisive win here. A quick fire spell would deal massive damage and she can also fire off some solid normal energy blasts to have the same effect. Either way there’s no stopping her. Scarlet Witch wins.

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Scarlet Witch vs Baron Zemo (12th)

Suggested by Sonic Baron Zemo doesn’t really have any powers which means he will be in big trouble for this fight. Scarlet Witch has her mastery over magic which is very handy for a battle like this. She can just take Zemo out with a single blast. He does have his anti magic amulet he got once which will offer some protection but it’s no good after a point. Scarlet Witch’s abilities will be too much for any amulet to hope to block. That is why Baron will ultimately suffer defeat in this round. Scarlet Witch wins.

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Rinoa Heartilly vs Scarlet Witch

This was actually a pretty tough match. On the surface, I intially thought that Scarlet Witch had the edge here. Her magic is extremely formidable as one can easily see from her various comic feats. When given enough time, Scarlet Witch’s magic is near infinite, but Rinoa won’t give her time to focus. Rinoa’s limit break greatly increases her abilities and this includes her speed. In a close range battle, Rinoa easily wins and while she may lose a long range battle, she wouldn’t get blown out due to her strong Meteor spell among other great options. I think that Rinoa’s versatility in combat is what really wins the day for her. Rinoa Heartilly wins.

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Invisible Woman vs Scarlet Witch

Well, this is a pretty close match. Scarlet Witch can fire off some pretty intense energy blasts along with barriers and probability powers. Invisible Woman can match most of those abilities, but her force blasts probably wouldn’t be as good as the energy blasts. Of course Invisible Woman did get fire powers and some pretty good flying speed. Invisible Woman wins.

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Scarlet Witch vs Thor

The Scarlet Witch is back and this time she’s fighting Thor! Thor has taken on his share of extremely powerful foes and it shouldn’t be too difficult to take down Scarlet Witch. Scarlet Witch has her hex powers, but they only help if she can use them in time. Thor can throw his hammer at extreme speeds and wins this round. Thor wins.

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Ronald McDonald vs Scarlet Witch

Ronald McDonald is back, but this time he won’t get to pwn. Scarlet Witch has her hex powers and with them she’s able to take down a lot of fighters. Ronald McDonald has Mc Donalds food, but not even that can win the round for him. Maybe one day he’ll be back to pwn. Scarlet Witch wins.

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Jean Grey vs Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch is back for another fight. With her hex powers she’s a tricky opponent to fight. Of course since Jean Grey has the Phoenix Force she doesn’t need to worry about such things. Jean Grey wins this match thanks to her Planet Breaking power. She can even destroy solar systems in a short time. Jean Grey wins.

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Scarlet Witch vs Wonderman

Scarlet Witch and Wonderman haven’t duked it out much (if at all) but if they did fight Wonderman would be the vicor. His brute strength and his super energy blasts would be enough to take her down. Scarlet Witch just couldn’t defend against such awesome power. Wodnerman rises up the ranks. Scarlet Witch and Wonderman have teamed up a lot in the past and know each other’s abilities, but in the end that won’t save Scarlet Witch. Wonderman wins.

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Scarlet Witch vs Vision

Scarlet Witch is back. Her magic abilities can be troublesome, but I think Vision’s still got this. Scarlet Witch has some energy projection, but so does Vision, plus Vision has super speed, flight, and a lot of power. Vision’s always showed that he’s tough and even fought the Silver Surfer to a standstill once! He gets to rise up the ranks again and he’ll be back. Vision wins.