Baron Zemo (12th) vs Moon Knight

Suggested Sonic This is a pretty even match between these two fighters. On one hand, Moon Knight had the powers of the moon at one point which included super strength, speed, and even regeneration. On the other hand Baron Zemo has some good tech like his mystical amulet and he is good with the sword. He has enough strength to try and keep things close but ultimately Moon Knight’s physical abilities are better and that goes a long way here. Moon Knight wins.

Nick Fury vs Baron Zemo (12th)

Suggested by Sonic Nick Fury recently became the Watcher of sorts and may have cosmic abilities but unfortunately for him we can’t really be sure of his abilities. For all we know he really can’t fight beyond his normal abilities. Baron Zemo would have the edge there with his sword skills. Fury would be on the back foot the entire time and ultimately their super soldier serums cancel out. Fury would just need some kind of boost to win this. Baron Zemo (12th) wins.

Scarlet Witch vs Baron Zemo (12th)

Suggested by Sonic Baron Zemo doesn’t really have any powers which means he will be in big trouble for this fight. Scarlet Witch has her mastery over magic which is very handy for a battle like this. She can just take Zemo out with a single blast. He does have his anti magic amulet he got once which will offer some protection but it’s no good after a point. Scarlet Witch’s abilities will be too much for any amulet to hope to block. That is why Baron will ultimately suffer defeat in this round. Scarlet Witch wins.

Jonah Hex vs Baron Zemo (12th)

Baron Zemo (12th) is pretty good with a sword and even took on the Avengers on different occasions! Of course Jonah Hex has his Black Lantern ring. Still, so far I have yet to be impressed with the Black Lantern rings. So for now, Baron Zemo (12th)’s speed and power win the day. Baron Zemo (12th) wins.

Baron Zemo (12th) vs Spiderman 2099

Baron Zemo may be tough, but in the end he’s not quite as tough as Spiderman 2099. Spiderman 2099 has enhanced strength and speed and with those abilities at his disposal he can take out Baron Zemo. Baron Zemo is a good hand to hand fighter, but in this match that just isn’t enough. Spiderman 2099 wins.

Baron Zemo (12th) vs Captain America

Captain America is a symbol of power and justice. With his shield he has defeated thousands of enemies. Of course Baron Zemo (12th) has always proved to be at the very least, a minor challenge. With his gun skills not even Captain America can dodge for long. So to defend himself he usually has to knock Baron Zemo (12th) out. Baron Zemo (12th) gets another loss, but he’ll keep on coming to fight Captain America….until he wins! Captain America wins.

Baron Zemo (12th) vs Red Skull

Baron Zemo (12th) is back after all of this time. He may be a good fighter and would usually beat Red Skull in a 1 on 1 fight. Of course there is one factor that isn’t in Baron Zemo’s favor. Red Skull has the cosmic cube and used it to power himself up to the very limits. Baron Zemo can’t compete with that. These two are Cap’s greatest enemies, but now we know who is greatest enemy is! Red Skull wins.

Thor vs Baron Zemo (12th)

Baron Zemo is possibly the first person that Captain America destroyed. (Accidently) Thor would easily beat him since his thunder can shatter mountains. Also his lightning is faster than Baron Zemo can run. Baron Zemo starts his career with a loss. Thor wins.