Moon Knight vs Doc Samson

Suggested by Sonic Moon Knight is a pretty strong fighter and even has a healing factor which is definitely pretty handy. That said, it will not be enough to take down Doc Samson. Samson’s strength is enough for him to go toe to toe with the Hulk at times. No matter how you slice it, being able to life 2 tons isn’t going to be enough for Moon Knight to last long here. Doc Samson’s often overlooked when talking about power characters but he can fight with the best of them. Doc Samson wins.

Moon Knight vs Ms Marvel

Moon Knight has enough experience to deal with the most dangeorus of adversaries. Of course that doesn’t account for people with superpowers. While he’s a tough fellow in his own right he doesn’t have the skills to beat Ms Marvel. Ms Marvel wins.

Moon Knight vs Toadette

Moon Knight has skills that would make Toadette wish that she could fight a bit better. Toadette is just not strong enough to take on Moon Knight. Moon Knight may even get a big Avengers power up that will make him even stronger than he is now. Toadette was doomed from the start. Moon Knight wins.