Gamora vs Jubilee

Suggested Sonic Jubilee is a tough fighter and someone who won’t go down easy. She received vampire abilities which really amped up her skills a while back. That said, I still wouldn’t say that there’s anything she can do to stop Gamora. Gamora has the advantage in raw strength as well as in speed. Jubilee will have a hard time landing any blows and even the ones she does connect with won’t deal a whole lot of damage. Gamora wins.

Shadow Cat vs Gamora

Suggested by Destroyer Shadow Cat’s ability to move through objects and even other fighters is a handy one. That said, it won’t be enough to stop Gamora, known as the deadliest woman alive. Gamora has super strength and a whole host of excellent close combat skills. She would have the advantage the instant they both began fighting and then some. Shadow Cat would be on the defensive right from the jump. Ultimately she doesn’t have a way to bring Gamora down without getting sliced away. Gamora wins.

Moon Knight vs Gamora

Suggested by Sonic Moon Knight is a tough fighter who has gained more and more strength over the years thanks to the powers of the Moon. Even at his best though he isn’t quite a match for Gamora. She has super strength but also top notch fighting ability. In terms of hand to hand skill I don’t really see Moon Knight being able to keep up with her for very long. Her superior stamina and durability will aid her well in this fight. Gamora wins.

Elastic Waistband vs Gamora


Suggested by Sonic The Elastic Waistband is definitely not one of the more well known characters and is a bit of a meme at this point. He can stretch pretty far and wide, but that’s really not going to do anything against someone as deadly as Gamora. Gamora is known as the deadliest woman on the planet for good reason. She can take just about any weapon on hand and use it to crush this guy. Gamora wins.

Guyver vs Gamora

Suggested by Anonymous Guyver has returned and now he is up against the legendary Gamora. Gamora is a very fierce fighter who can turn anything into a weapon. She has a good amount of super strength and is very nimble, however this won’t be enough against a fighter like Guyver. Guyver is just too powerful and has super forms which can be accessed as well. The sheer difference in firepower is just far too great here. Guyver wins.

Gamora vs Angela (Marvel)

I’d say that both of these fighters are pretty evenly matched. Now, Angela did crush Thor when they recently fought, but that was intriguing at best. We have already seen that she can barely defeat Gamora in a previous comic. Maybe she has just learned to harness her abilities to their fullest extent now. Either way, she has the edge that she needs to defeat Gamora. Angela (Marvel) wins.

Ronan The Accuser vs Gamora

This is a pretty close match for Gamora as well. She’s a lot faster than Ronan, but his attack power is significantly higher. His durability is enough to withstand her attacks for a while as well. Her sword strikes would eventually overpower him, but she doesn’t quite have that long. His attacks will also land and he will be able to claim victory. Ronan The Accuser wins.

Gamora vs She Hulk

Both of these fighters are pretty powerful. Gamora is known as one of the deadliest fighters alive, but I don’t believe that she can win this round. Her hand to hand techniques are superior, but She Hulk easily has the edge in raw power. Gamora’s sword strikes can be deadly thanks to her Godslayer sword so it should not be too one sided. It’ll be a pretty good fight, but She Hulk takes it. She Hulk wins.

Gamora vs Adam Warlock

Gamora is a tough hand to hand fighter, but she is outmatched against an opponent as skilled as Adam Warlock. Adam Warlock was able to hold his own against the Living Tribunal. It may not be a feat that I would recognize a whole lot on the blog since he has better feats, but many debaters will probably have to look at Adam Warlock in a whole new light. Gamora really doesn’t stand a chance here. Adam Warlock wins.

Gamora vs Nova (Sam)

Nova (Sam) is not quite as tough as the original Nova, but he’s still pretty powerful. His cosmic abilities give him the long range edge and his super speed should keep him out of Gamora’s attack range. Gamora is a skilled warrior, but her hand to hand skills won’t really help her if she can’t catch Nova. He can stay in the sky and strike from afar. Nova (Sam) wins.