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Sonia vs She Hulk

Suggested by iKnowledge Sonia is a great tactician who can manipulate just about anyone. She’s a great ally to have behind the scenes to get an enemy force confused. In a straight 1 on 1 fight though there is really nothing she can hope to do against She Hulk. She Hulk’s raw power is completely off the charts and she’s also quite intelligent. Sonia won’t be able to trick her and She Hulk just needs one hit to end the fight. She Hulk wins.

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Gamora vs She Hulk

Both of these fighters are pretty powerful. Gamora is known as one of the deadliest fighters alive, but I don’t believe that she can win this round. Her hand to hand techniques are superior, but She Hulk easily has the edge in raw power. Gamora’s sword strikes can be deadly thanks to her Godslayer sword so it should not be too one sided. It’ll be a pretty good fight, but She Hulk takes it. She Hulk wins.

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John Jameson vs She Hulk

John Jameson is back, but now he’s up against She Hulk! She Hulk is more skilled than John Jameson and her enhanced super strength helps a lot as well. John Jameson won’t be able to deal any meaningful damage to her and he takes a heavy loss with this battle. Sometimes being a Man Wolf just isn’t good enough to win the big battles. She Hulk wins.

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Thanos vs She Hulk

She Hulk is an impressive fighter, but I don’t think that she could defeat Thanos. Thanos is an immensely powerful being and he has some deadly long range attacks. She Hulk could keep up with him for a while in a hand to hand fight, but his energy abilities would give him a solid edge. She Hulk drops down the ranks with this loss. Thanos wins.

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Spiderwoman vs She Hulk

Spiderwoman is pretty athletic and a good hand to hand fighter, but she won’t be able to defeat She Hulk. She Hulk is far too powerful and can trade blows with guys like the Hulk. One good punch can end this fight. Spiderwoman may manage to dodge for a while, but eventually she will be caught. She Hulk wins.

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She Hulk vs Beast Boy

She Hulk is a pretty powerful fighter. Beast Boy can get some power of his own depending on what animal he turns into, but he was never a match for She Hulk. Her power exceeds his and she’s a better fighter. Beast Boy drops down the ranks with this round, but he’ll be back as per usual. She Hulk wins.

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Red Hulk vs She Hulk

Red Hulk is back for another win. She Hulk may be powerful, but Red Hulk was able to take Thor and the Silver Surfer down! Not to mention Hulk and others. She Hulk couldn’t quite match those feats and takes a drop in the blog rankings. Red Hulk is just too powerful and this win keeps him going up the ranks. Red Hulk wins.

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Power Girl vs She Hulk

Power Girl has super speed and flight. Those 2 abilities give her a pretty big advantage over She Hulk. Power is nothing in the face of overwhelming speed. Power Girl rises up the ranks with this win, while this is just the beginning for She Hulk. She’ll be coming back for sure. Power Girl wins.

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Wonder Woman vs She Hulk

Wonder Woman is back and fighting She Hulk. She Hulk may be pretty powerful, but she lacks Wonder Woman’s speed and flight. This is also She Hulk’s first fight on the blog so it’s too bad for her that it had to be a loss. Wonder Woman is just too powerful for She Hulk and rises up the ranks. Wonder Woman wins.