Beast Boy vs Superman

This is a tribute to the Judas Contract. Beast Boy didn’t handle the Terra situation very well. She wasn’t even trying to be a nice person like in the TV show so that made it all the worse. Ah well, at least he was able to get over it fairly quick. Still, there’s no way he can hope to defeat Superman. Superman can lift whole buildings with 1 finger. Now that’s Power! Superman wins.

Leader vs Beast Boy

It’s time for the second round of the semi finals. Beast Boy is a pretty versatile fighter who can turn into any animal that he can think. This means that he can fight in many different ways, but none of his forms are as strong as the Hulk. Leader figured out how to give himself the Hulk’s strength at one point and coupled with his great intellect and many armors…it will be enough to win the fight. Beast Boy just can’t deal with that level of strength. Leader wins.

Beast Boy vs Grasshopper

It’s time for the last round of the quarter finals. Grasshoppers may be stronger than we gave them credit for and the single win that it got in the previous round will help it jump over at least 1000 fighters. Still, it won’t be enough to stop Beast Boy. He’s completely in his element against any animal since he can turn into the perfect counter. He also has some alien creatures at his disposal as well which will make for an easy victory. Beast Boy wins.

Beast Boy vs Penguin

It’s time for the real final match of round 1. The Penguin is a very smart villain although not as smart as some comics give him credit for. One issue actually had Batman admit that the Penguin was smarter than him and we all know that this isn’t true. Regardless, as a result, the Penguin has never achieved a real power up during the comics. There’s a chance that one exists and simply isn’t listed so feel free to let me know if you find something. Meanwhile, Beast Boy definitely takes this round for now as he can transform into some real dangerous animals and is simply a much better fighter. Beast Boy wins.

Beast Boy vs Wildebeest

Wildebeest is pretty tough, but he lacks energy blasts. Beast Boy can turn into a lot of animals, but do any of them really surpass Wildebeest? Wildebeest did take on Robin and Speedy in the past. This is a decently close fight, but I’m going to have to go with Wildebeest on this one. Having superpowers doesn’t always make you the winner. Wildebeest wins.

Aqualad vs Beast Boy

Beast Boy has a pretty nifty ability which enables him to transform into any animal, but it just won’t be enough. Aqualad has a pretty good level of strength and his speed will be enough to dodge any lethal blows that Beast Boy may attempt. Beast Boy was never one of the strongest Teen Titans, but he still manages to win some battles…just not this one. Aqualad wins.

Raven vs Beast Boy

Beast Boy can change his shape into many different animals, but that just won’t be enough in this round. Raven’s dark powers could quickly defeat Beast Boy and he’s just not strong enough to stop her. Raven takes another win with this round and moves up the blog ranks. Maybe Beast Boy will return for a win at some point. Raven wins.

Beast Boy vs Starfire

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Beast Boy is back after a long absence, but he’s ready for another loss. He won’t be able to keep up with Starfire’s intense speed and raw power. Beast Boy has always been the weak link on the Teen Titans team and he definitely doesn’t stand a chance against their power member. He drops down the ranks with this loss. Starfire wins.

She Hulk vs Beast Boy

She Hulk is a pretty powerful fighter. Beast Boy can get some power of his own depending on what animal he turns into, but he was never a match for She Hulk. Her power exceeds his and she’s a better fighter. Beast Boy drops down the ranks with this round, but he’ll be back as per usual. She Hulk wins.

Goku vs Beast Boy

Beast Boy is strong, but he’s not exactly Goku! Goku has powers that are far beyond Beast Boy. Beast Boy can turn into animals, but that’s just not good enough anymore. Goku has the Kamehameha wave and can destroy his opponents in a single blast. That’s how powerful he is. Beast Boy didn’t stand a chance. Goku wins.