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Arcade vs Kingpin

Neither one of these fighters is particularly powerful, but that’s why they’re down here right? Kingpin has his cane which can fire energy blasts and is simply handy in a fight. Meanwhile Arcade has his arsenal of weapons at the ready. He won’t go down easy and can also fight hand to hand if necessary. This is definitely a tough match to decide especially since both characters can pseudo fly thanks to Age of Apocalypse. I’ll give the slight edge to Kingpin, but this could easily change if someone shows me a comic of Arcade in a cool tech suit. Kingpin wins.

Arcade Battles, Battles, Yoshi Battles

Yoshi vs Arcade

Arcade has robots and stuff, but in the end they aren’t enough to take down Yoshi. Yoshi has fought opponents with high attack power and lived to tell the tale. Yoshi gets himself another win and shows the blogging world who’s boss. Arcade drops yet again in the blog rankings. Yoshi wins.