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Pac Man vs Yoshi

Suggested by Sonic Pac Man and Yoshi is a pretty even match. Pac-Man has a lot of unique moves at his disposal to keep Yoshi guessing, but the dinosaur could likely eat all of his fruits. Yoshi has even been shown to eat fireballs and other elemental attacks so the usual run and gun style won’t work here. Yoshi can fly and is pretty fast, but ultimately the reason why Pac wins is that in his final forms his strength is too high. He has his golden mode from the World series and he also has a whole arsenal of super forms from the recent TV show. Yoshi won’t be able to keep up. Pac Man wins.

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Bowser vs Yoshi

Suggested by Sonic With Yoshi still on the run for Tax Evasion this probably seems like an easy win for Bowser. Still, it’s a pretty good fight. Bowser isn’t the fastest guy out there so Yoshi will be able to run quite a lot. Still, it won’t be enough as Giga Bowser will simply prove to be too much of a challenge for this Dino. Yoshi can use his hit and run tactics for a while, but unfortunately the blows simply aren’t powerful enough to really deal enough lasting damage in the end. Bowser wins.

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Mr Game and Watch vs Yoshi

Suggested by Sonic Mr Game and Watch is a nice fighter who has managed to make a name for himself despite the 2D limitations. That being said, Yoshi has still got the edge here. He can breath fire after unlocking his flame form and his boots will let him step on most of Watch’s attacks. Yoshi is even known as a speed character in various spinoffs which speaks to how quick the little Dino is. Game and Watch will be completely overwhelmed in this battle and I don’t see what he can do to change his fate. Yoshi wins.

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Yoshi vs Kirby

Suggested by Sonic Is it just me or is this one of those moments where you realize that Kirby is Yoshi, but much more powerful? Just hear me out for a second. Yoshi can absorb apples whole Kirby can absorb whole mountains and giant enemies. There really isn’t much Yoshi can do against that and Kirby has many other special abilities at the ready to back him up. Kirby wins.

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Arthur vs Yoshi

Suggested by Destroyer Arthur is a pretty humble kid who knows his limitations. I’m sure he will forfeit the match as soon as Yoshi shows up since nobody wants to get squashed by his boots. The little Dino is a lot tougher than he looks. He can even spit out fireballs which will easily send Arthur packing. Nobody messes with the green dino. Yoshi wins.

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Zelda vs Yoshi

Zelda Yoshi
Yoshi is a pretty fun Mario character and he can eat just about anything. Unfortunately, he relies on this power a lot, which means that his physical abilities aren’t very good. Zelda could beat him in a hand to hand fight and her Light Arrows really seal the deal. Yoshi just wouldn’t have a chance of winning! Zelda wins.

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Charizard vs Yoshi

Charizard Yoshi
Charizard is a powerful fire type Pokemon and he has a lot of different attacks in his arsenal. Yoshi can throw some eggs and he’s very quick as well, but that just won’t be enough. Charizard is faster than Yoshi and he also has access to the legendary Mega form. This means that Yoshi won’t be able to keep up for long and he’s doomed to take the loss. Charizard wins.

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Yoshi vs Samus

Samus Yoshi
Yoshi is a fun character to root for in a fight, but he wont be able to defeat Samus. Samus has a lot of attack power and she is an excellent close combat fighter. Yoshi is pretty nimble, but Samus is downright fast. One good Zero Laser should end this. Yoshi can throw eggs, but Samus would be able to dodge all of them! Samus wins.

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Diddy Kong vs Yoshi

Yoshi and Diddy
Diddy Kong is back once again, but he’s up against Super Yoshi! Yoshi has always been one of the better Mario characters when it comes to eating and he’s also pretty good in a fight. Diddy Kong has his banana barrels, but Yoshi can shoot giant fireballs that would quickly take him down for the count. Yoshi wins.

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Olimar vs Yoshi

Yoshi Olimar
Olimar is a pretty tricky fellow and he has a lot of Pikmin at his side, but he’s no match for Yoshi. Yoshi is a pretty powerful opponent and his kicks are deadly. Yoshi has the speed advantage and he can also use his Super Smash abilities to fire giant fireballs that would quickly take Olimar down for the count. Yoshi wins.