Zelda vs Pichu

Suggested by Sonic Pichu is pretty quick, but certainly not as talented as Pikachu. Zelda has her Light Arrows and a whole lot of other magical abilities. Her swordsmanship is on point and she now has several incarnations with a lot of real power. Pichu can dodge for a while, but he is completely outmatched in attack power and Zelda’s range is absolute. Pichu does not have any real way of coming out on top here. Zelda wins.

Zelda vs Goldeen

Suggested by Sonic Goldeen was never one of the more impressive water type Pokemon. There are many who surpass her and fighting on land weakens her even further. Zelda has no such weaknesses and with her speed she will be able to easily dodge all of Goldeen’s attacks. I’m afraid that this match won’t be much of a challenge for her compared to taking on Bulbasaur earlier. Perhaps Goldeen will make a comeback at some point with a new form, but until then she must take the loss. Zelda wins.

Zelda vs Bulbasaur

This is a pretty close fight. Bulbasaur has access to Mega Venusaur which gives him an incredible amount of raw power and energy attacks. However, Zelda has her Hyrule Warriors appearance which showed just how quick and devastating her abilities were. I have to say that Bulbasaur may actually be a little outmatched for once. I think she would be just fast enough to stay one step ahead of him and that’s how she would be able to blast him with enough Light Arrows to win. Zelda wins.

Wii Fit Trainer vs Zelda

Suggested by Sonic The Wii Fit Trainer is definitely an inspiration to us all with how flexible she is. Her exercise and strength training has paid off considerably and she is worthy of being a Super Smash Bros rep. That being said, Zelda has magical abilities which includes teleportation and as Sheik she is also a master at hand to hand combat. Wii Fit is simply outmatched here and even her magical hoola hoops will be rendered useless since Zelda can teleport away. Zelda wins.

Zelda vs Ryu

Zelda is a powerful sorceress and she even has the ability to transform into Sheik. As Sheik, Zelda is a very quick aerial fighter who can unleash a flurry of blows against any opponent. That being said, Ryu has experience fighting all kinds of hand to hand opponents and I wouldn’t expect Zelda to be able to keep up with him for long. Ryu has more stamina as well as raw power. He would quickly prove who the more experienced fighter is. Ryu wins.

Ness vs Zelda

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Ness is back and now he’s up against the Princess from Hyrule. Zelda isn’t your ordinary princess and she may actually be in the top 1% of them when it comes to firepower. She can mow down whole armies with her light arrows and her swordplay is also good enough to fend off most opponents. Ness has a lot of projectiles, but it will be tough for them to get through her barrier and Zelda’s attacks are just too destructive. Zelda wins.

Spryte vs Zelda

Spryte is back and she’s ready to take on Princess Zelda! Spryte is already at a disadvantage in this fight because she’s not a magical master like Zelda, but Hyrule Warriors has widened the gap. We know that Zelda can now wipe out entire armies with her spells and Spryte will just be another foe to be vanquished. Zelda wins.

Toadman vs Zelda

Toadman is a decently tough navi to have on your side when the chips are down. He’s no Metalman, but he’s still a good fighter and he’s very quick. Unfortunately, he doesn’t really have the abilities necessary to take on Princess Zelda. Zelda’s great at long range and her close range sword techniques aren’t bad either. Toadman won’t be able to claim victory. Zelda wins.

Bokoblin vs Zelda

Bokoblins are minions that have appeared in almost every Legend of Zelda game. They are like Goombas in the way that they never give up and they always try to win the big battles. That being said, they aren’t very powerful and Zelda can take out dozens of them with a single Light Arrow. The Bokoblin was doomed from the start! Zelda wins.

Robin (Fire Emblem) vs Zelda

Zelda Robin
Robin is back once again and this is a close match. I may have been slightly learning towards Robin in overall ability, but Zelda’s appearance in Hyrule Warriors really changes things. Her magical spells have been upgraded and she can take out large groups of opponents at once. Robin’s magic spells no longer seem to be quite as deadly and she can hold her own in close quarters combat. Zelda’s magical skills really seal the deal here. Zelda wins.