Roy vs Wii Fit Trainer

Suggested by Sonic The Wii Fit Trainer is not a character that you want to underestimate. Her abilities may not be flashy, but she’s gone up against some pretty tough opponents in Super Smash. That being said, I don’t think she will be able to handle Roy here. Roy is simply too fast and too powerful. A single fire slash will get past whatever plans she has made. She has no attacks to counter him and his balance is superb so she can’t use athletics to her advantage. Roy wins.


Wii Fit Trainer vs Zelda

Suggested by Sonic The Wii Fit Trainer is definitely an inspiration to us all with how flexible she is. Her exercise and strength training has paid off considerably and she is worthy of being a Super Smash Bros rep. That being said, Zelda has magical abilities which includes teleportation and as Sheik she is also a master at hand to hand combat. Wii Fit is simply outmatched here and even her magical hoola hoops will be rendered useless since Zelda can teleport away. Zelda wins.

Kiva vs Wii Fit Trainer

Kiva’s actually a lot stronger than I had remembered. His raw attack power is very impressive and his high levels of speed allow him to fight several enemies at once. Wii Fit Trainer excels at fighting from a distance, but I don’t see her being able to keep up with Kiva from long range either thanks to his strong energy blasts. His hammer grants him additional power and not even the Wii Fit Trainer’s energy bodies attack can keep him at bay. Kiva wins.

Wii Fit Trainer vs Purna

I hope you’re ready to stretch your imagination since it’s time for the Wii Fit Trainer to enter the stage once more. Purna is a pretty impressive fighter considering that she deals with zombies on a day to day basis, but that won’t be enough to defeat this athletic master. The Wii Fit Trainer can pull off just about any Yoga technique and she can also fire off energy blasts that deal tremendous amounts of damage. Purna won’t even be able to get close. Wii Fit Trainer wins.

Wii Fit Trainer vs Flatman

The Wii Fit Trainer has made her elegant return and Flatman may quickly realize that he should have exercised more in the past! Flatman’s ability to stretch can allow him to really absorb the force behind the Wii Fit Trainer’s attacks, but he can’t stop her energy balls. If needed, the Wii Fit Trainer can even shoot out rainbow clones that explode on contact and that would be the end of the fight for Flatman. Wii Fit Trainer wins.

Wii Fit Trainer vs Sharktopus

The Wii Fit Trainer is a pretty tough hand to hand fighter and we can safely assume that the Sharktopus is doomed in this encounter. He’s not quick enough to dodger her attacks and one shot from her Final Smash should be enough to end things here. The Sharktopus is tough to be sure, but he’s just not tough enough to win in this situation. Wii Fit Trainer wins.

Wii Fit Trainer vs Howard Aguello

The Wii Fit Trainer is definitely stronger than good ole Howard. Howard has some basic hand to hand skills thanks to his street smarts, but he still can’t win this. A gun is okay to have, but the Wii Fit Trainer can use her multi color (explosive) clones to take Howard down in a single shot. Howard just couldn’t win this time. Wii Fit Trainer wins.

Wii Fit Trainer vs Chunk

The Chunk may have a gun at the ready, but it won’t be enough to take on the Wii Fit Trainer! The Wii Fit Trainer is pretty athletic and her hand to hand skills should not be underestimated. The Chunk can fire off as many bullets as he wants, but the Wii Fit Trainer’s final smash will be too deadly for him. The Chunk takes a loss with this round. Wii Fit Trainer wins.

Real Black Widow vs Wii Fit Trainer

The Real Black Widow may be an impressive animal, but when Wii Fit Trainer steps into a fight…she doesn’t go down without a fight. After weighing her options; the Wii Fit Trainer would likely finish this off with her Final Smash ability, which makes clones of herself that explode and deal massive damage. The Black Widow would not be able to handle such an attack and the match would be over in an instant. Wii Fit Trainer wins.

Wii Fit Trainer vs Lucario

Lucario and Wii Fit Trainer dancing
The Wii Fit Trainer is a fighter that one should not underestimate. That being said, Lucario is also a powerhouse. He has a large array of aura abilities and they will lead him to victory. Plus, that is not even counting his super speed or strength! The Wii Fit Trainer will have to take another loss. Lucario wins.