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Ridley vs Fox

Suggested by Sonic This is a tricky one and it really comes down to whether or not you think Ridley would be able to keep up with the Arwing. I think he could though since Ridley is a space fighter and he is used to moving at crazy speeds. Fox would be able to land hits of his own, but Ridley is super durable and his energy attacks cover a wide area. I’m inclined to believe that he would be able to take Fox down for the count. Ridley wins.

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Wii Fit Trainer vs Fox

Suggested by Sonic The Wii Fit Trainer is pretty good at Yoga and her energy clones final smash does give her a pretty good long range option. That being said, it won’t be enough to deter a fighter as fierce as Fox. I think Fox will have the upper hand here, not just because of his tech, but also because he does have some pretty decent hand to hand abilities. That will keep the Wii Fit Trainer on the defensive for the duration of the match. Fox wins.

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Kirby vs Fox

Suggested by Sonic It’s time for another round of Smash fighters duking it out for the top. Kirby has quite a lot of different techniques at his disposal which should come in handy for this fight, but Fox has the better tech options at his disposal. I actually don’t think Kirby would be able to come out on top here if we limited him to his base form, but throw in his crazy abilities and Fox is the one out of his depth here. Kirby will distract him with electric balls and fire dragons as he closes in to finish Fox off with the Master Sword. Kirby wins.

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Jigglypuff vs Fox

Suggested by Sonic Fox is a good pilot and his Arwing has gotten him through many fights. That being said, it’s difficult to take down a smaller opponent like Jigglypuff. She has a variety of attacks up her sleeve like Hyper Beam, Thunder, and more. Fox can reflect some of the attacks, but he isn’t quite fast enough to dodge forever and getting close to Jigglypuff will be incredibly difficult. He is simply outgunned here and while his tech will make it close, he just won’t be close enough. Jigglypuff wins.

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Mewtwo vs Fox

Have you ever heard of the phrase “Combo4Dayz?” Well, it is an apt description of what would happen here as Mewtwo would unleash his extremely powerful combos. Fox really wouldn’t know what hit him and he would be overwhelmed by Mewtwo’s sheer power. There are very few beings who can hope to match his talents and I’m afraid that Fox is not one of them. Mewtwo wins.

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Balki Bartokomous vs Fox

Balki Bartokomous may be a pretty bold person, but he’s still outmatched against a foe as commanding and tricky as Fox. Fox McCloud has his Arwing and his Landmaster. Together, those two weapons are more powerful than anything that Balki has at his disposal. Fox may have changed his voice, but he hasn’t changed his skills. Fox wins.

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Peter Venkman vs Fox

This is a tribute to the second Ghostbusters film and Peter didn’t really have a chance at winning this round. Peter really looks the same as he did in the first installment and he’s too unprofessional to take on Fox. Fox is a tactical leader who always assesses the situation before making a move. That’s why he’s always known as such a noble hero and it’s why he isn’t about to lose this battle. He is also officially back to being my main in the new Super Smash Bros so it was time to get him a win. Fox wins.

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Mr Game and Watch vs Fox

Mr Game and Watch is a pretty good fighter and he has many moves at his disposal. That being said, he’s simply outmatched against someone like Fox. Fox can beat him in a hand to hand battle and he would also have the edge in a long range confrontation thanks to his trusty blaster and vehicles at the ready. His Landmaster really squashes the competition. Fox wins.

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Lucina vs Fox

Fox Lucina
Lucina’s sword abilities are pretty lethal and a good slash would be enough to take Fox down. Luckily for Fox, his speed is enough for him to dodge her attacks long enough to land some hits with his laser blaster. Lucina won’t be able to block such an overwhelming onslaught of attacks and the hits will add up until she is down for the count. Fox wins.

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Captain Falcon vs Fox

Captain Falcon Fox
Things are getting a little dicey for Captain Falcon as he must go up against one up Nintendo’s vest commanders! Fox’s agility will definitely help him in a fistfight, but his laser blaster is what really seals the deal here. Captain Falcon wont be able to dodge such an onslaught for long. Fox wins.