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Spikeman vs Ratchet

Suggested by Sonic Ratchet has a lot of great guns and he is quick on his feet. His strongest guns would do a whole lot of damage and would probably even have a shot at destroying Spikeman. I believe Spikeman’s speed will be crucial here. Even Ratchet’s best boots don’t give him a level of speed that would be enough to surpass Spikeman. Spikeman even crossed blades with Protoman once and that is not an easy feat. Ratchet needs one more significant power up in order to cross this gap. Spikeman wins.

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Gemini Saga vs Spikeman

Spikeman is pretty powerful, but his speed won’t be able to keep up with Gemini Saga’s. Gemini Saga also has immense strength at his disposal and his energy blasts are to be feared. At least Spikeman ended up putting a decent fight. It just wasn’t enough in the longrun. Gemini Saga wins.