Spikeman vs Ratchet

Suggested by Sonic Ratchet has a lot of great guns and he is quick on his feet. His strongest guns would do a whole lot of damage and would probably even have a shot at destroying Spikeman. I believe Spikeman’s speed will be crucial here. Even Ratchet’s best boots don’t give him a level of speed that would be enough to surpass Spikeman. Spikeman even crossed blades with Protoman once and that is not an easy feat. Ratchet needs one more significant power up in order to cross this gap. Spikeman wins.

Lazerman vs Ratchet

Suggested by Destroyer Ratchet has a lot of good weapons up his sleeve and he is very creative in a fight. A shame that his cunning and skill won’t be able to overcome the gap in ability between him and Lazerman. As shown in his final fight with Shademan, Lazerman is actually quite fast and moves with a pseudo teleportation technique that makes him hard to hit. Ratchet can figure out how to neutralize that ability with time, but that’s something he won’t have here. Lazerman wins.

Ms Marvel vs Ratchet

Ratchet is a genius mechanic and he has had quite a few game changing weapons in the past, but none of them are quite good enough to take Ms. M down for the count. To an extent she can block all of his energy attacks and Ratchet doesn’t have any guns fast enough to tag her. This is simply a mismatch where brains don’t take the win against brawn. It’ s just how it goes sometimes. Ms. Marvel wins.

Grubsnucker vs Ratchet

Grubsnucker makes his debut onto the blog, but he won’t be winning! Grubsnuckers are pretty small and I wouldn’t exactly call them the best fighters! Ratchet’s got his guns and armor, but even his good ole wrench should be enough to take this guy down. Ratchet wins.

Courtney Gears vs Ratchet

Courtney Gears makes her debut fight! She was one of Ratchet’s tougher enemies for sure, but it may not be enough. She has your basic mild super speed and energy blasts, but Ratchet has tough armor and weapons that can shoot energy blasts anyway. Taking him down can be tough stuff! Ratchet wins.

Talwyn Apogee vs Ratchet

Talwyn Apogee is the next fighter to take on Ratchet! Well, as per usual, I would say that Ratchet has this win. He’s fought many more powerful enemies than Talwyn Apogee and he also has his experience from Deadlocked. He fought many opponents back then! Ratchet wins.

Lawrence vs Ratchet

Ratchet is back and this time he’s up against Lawrence! Lawrence has his gun and he knows how to fight, but I wouldn’t say that he’s quite as tough as Ratchet! Ratchet has a lot of tough armors and guns at his disposal which give him the big edge. Lawrence may be back someday. Ratchet wins.

Ace Hardlight vs Ratchet

Ace Hardlight is one of those “heroes” that you just can’t forget! Of course Ratchet still has the edge in fighting ability. Ratchet even has some pretty nifty armors that can help him in a pinch! Still, will it be enough to win this round? I think so! Ratchet wins.

Drek vs Ratchet

Drek makes his debut fight against Ratchet! He may have been a pretty tough cookie back in his day, but I’d say that Ratchet’s got this one. Drek may have a giant machine, but Ratchet has the legendary RYNO gun! With it he can take on whatever Drek can dish out! Ratchet wins.

Ratchet vs Clank

Ratchet is a pretty tough fighter and he’s always looking for more guys to pwn. Clank has his giant super form and all, but it won’t be enough to stop Ratchet’s onslaught of guns and armor. Ratchet gets another win while Clank drops down the ranks with this loss. These two have been allies for ages and all, but Ratchet was always the better fighter. Ratchet wins.