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Grotesk vs Ms Marvel

This is a tribute to the recent Captain Marvel film. Ms Marvel definitely looked really good there as she got to show off her super speed and strength. She’s certainly one of the most powerful Avengers out there and would easily be able to take Grotesk down. He’s a fairly obscure villain, but certainly one who is still worth remembering. The guy’s a tough fighter so maybe he could take one punch before he goes down. Either way it’s still a one sided battle. Ms Marvel wins.

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Ms Marvel vs Accelerator

Accelerator is the strongest Esper in Index. He can manipulate vectors in a way that works like Graviton’s barriers. You can’t hope to stop him with direct attacks since they will just be bounced back. The best way to stop him is a bunch of sneak attacks or to just overwhelm the guy. After all, a single good hit will take him out if you get past that since he’s no more durable than your average teenager but that’s a lot harder than it sounds. Ms. Marvel does have a lot of power up her sleeve but I think she won’t quite have the speed to pull this off. Accelerator wins.

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Ms Marvel vs Ratchet

Ratchet is a genius mechanic and he has had quite a few game changing weapons in the past, but none of them are quite good enough to take Ms. M down for the count. To an extent she can block all of his energy attacks and Ratchet doesn’t have any guns fast enough to tag her. This is simply a mismatch where brains don’t take the win against brawn. It’ s just how it goes sometimes. Ms. Marvel wins.

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Doomsday Man vs Ms Marvel

Doomsday Man is definitely a powerful opponent, but he won’t be able to defeat Ms Marvel. Ms Marvel has some pretty intense speed and her raw power is also high tier. I don’t think that Doomsday Man would last long against her might and she would dodge all of his attacks with ease. He’s just not fast enough! Ms Marvel wins.

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Ms Marvel vs Mystique

Ms Marvel is back for another win. Mystique’s shapeshifting powers can definitely come in handy during a fight, but against Ms Marvel it’ll make little difference. Ms Marvel has super strength and flight. The basic keys to success in battles. With them it’s harder to lose than normal. Ms Marvel wins.

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Ms Marvel vs Bass

Ms Marvel is back, she managed to avoid getting a loss for a while, but Bass is finally here. Her skills may be in the highest possible level for Marvel, but she still can’t beat Bass. Bass is the strongest being in all of media and can take pretty much any character down in a single blow. Bass wins.

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Invisible Woman vs Ms Marvel

Invisible Woman is back once again. This time she loses to Ms Marvel. Ms Marvel is faster and stronger than Invisible Woman and takes the win. Invisible Woman may have gotten 3 losses in today’s matches, but she may finally start moving up soon. Ms Marvel meanwhile gets an easy win and rises up the ranks. Ms Marvel wins.