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Kazuki vs Atlas

Atlas is a pretty iconic Astro Boy villain who I became a fan of as soon as I saw his design. This guy can fight and his electric attacks are hard to dodge. Still, Kazuki is quite fast and especially when his super saiyan mode is activated he will be able to dodge even Atlas’ fast attacks. Kazuki also has a lot of raw attack power up his sleeve. I think he’ll have this match pretty well in hand before long and has enough durability to outlast Atlas as well. Kazuki wins.

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Atlas vs Yang
Suggested by Destroyer Atlas is a strong robot with an impressive amount of speed. However, this simply won’t be enough for him to contend with Yang’s combat speed. Yang can propel herself through the air with her gauntlets to simulate fight and is the vastly superior hand to hand fighter here. If the fight turns into a close quarters affair then the match will be over and Yang will inevitably close the gap. Yang wins.

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Sephiroth vs Atlas

Sephiroth is pretty powerful and fast. With one sword strike he can chop off whole buildings! His speed and power are also pretty intense! Atlas has some super speed and lighting, but in the end I’m not sure it’s gonna be enough. Sephiroth is just too powerful and rises up the ranks with this win. Sephiroth wins.