Kazuki vs Yang

Suggested by Destroyer Yang’s a great hand to hand fighter and she would have a good chance at beating Kazuki in his original form, but once he goes into his awakened mode then victory starts to slip out of reach. Perhaps if Yang obtains one of the Maiden abilities later on then she can turn this around but otherwise I think this is one match where she has to take the L. Kazuki wins.

Zaraki vs Kazuki

Kazuki is back, but now he has met his match. Even in his life draining super form I don’t think he would be able to stop Zaraki. Zaraki will be cutting him faster than Kazuki can hope to regenerate. Kazuki has a good amount of strength on his own so I’m sure he would be able to put up a good fight but I don’t see him winning this. Zaraki’s a beast in combat and Kazuki will quickly be reminded of that here. Zaraki wins.

Accelerator vs Kazuki

Accelerator is back and he’s up against a pretty tricky candidate. We never really got to see Kazuki’s super form in action for very long since the series ended basically just as he obtained the ability. With more screen time I think it would be a blow out win in his favor, but as it stands then it gets close. I think he has the speed and power needed to get around Accelerator’s vectors. Stopping his punishing attacks would be incredibly tricky and his regeneration also ends up helping him quite a lot as well. Kazuki wins.

Kazuki vs Atlas

Atlas is a pretty iconic Astro Boy villain who I became a fan of as soon as I saw his design. This guy can fight and his electric attacks are hard to dodge. Still, Kazuki is quite fast and especially when his super saiyan mode is activated he will be able to dodge even Atlas’ fast attacks. Kazuki also has a lot of raw attack power up his sleeve. I think he’ll have this match pretty well in hand before long and has enough durability to outlast Atlas as well. Kazuki wins.

Kazuki vs Obito

Suggested by Destroyer Kazuki is a pretty talented kid, but I don’t think he really has much of a chance against Obito. Perhaps if he was fighting Obito without any powers, but once the Uchiha got his Tailed Beast form it was all over. Even Kazuki’s pseudo Super Saiyan technique wouldn’t be enough to turn the tables from that. Kazuki is simply outmatched here but I do think the fight would probably be a fun one to watch. Kazuki has enough durability to drag the match out a bit before he goes down. Obito wins.

Kazuki vs Takashi Komuro

Takashi Komuro may look pretty similar to Kazuki, but he’s not quite as good in combat. Kazuki has super speed and strength, plus his weapon is immensely powerful. He can extend his weapon and he has his legendary super form. In that form some could compare him to Goku! Kazuki wins.

Hobgoblin vs Kazuki

Kazuki has his Sunlight Heart which can one shot Hobgoblin. Hobgoblin may be fast, but one hit from something as lethal as that and he’s toast. Kazuki won’t even need his super form to take him down this time. Hobgoblin is just doomed in this fight and takes a loss. He drops down the ranks. Kazuki wins.

He Man vs Kazuki

He Man is back, but he won’t be winning this match. He has impressive abilities, but in the end they aren’t enough to take down Kazuki. Kazuki has too much sword abilities and with his super form he’s all but unbeatable. He Man may have the power, but it won’t save him in this match. Kazuki wins.

Kazuki vs Captain Bravo

Captain Bravo is a master at hand to hand combat. While he does seem like a Kakashi rip, he’s still tough in his own right. Kazuki is still stronger thanks to his powers and almost sword. Captain Bravo will need a good power up to catch him. Kazuki wins.