Isshiki Ōtsutsuki vs Obito

Suggested by Anonymous Isshiki continues to dominate the competition even if his opponents are steadily growing stronger and stronger. Obito is no exception to this and even at his absolute best I don’t think he would have been able to take Isshiki down. Ultimately Isshiki’s attacks are both faster and stronger than Obito’s. That means no matter what Obito tries, Isshiki will have a counter to him. At the end of the day there’s not much way around that. Isshiki Ōtsutsuki wins.

Level 4 Akuma vs Obito

Suggested by Sonic The Level 4 Akuma is one of the strongest D Grayman characters in the series. This guy has a monstrous amount of attack power and speed at his disposal but it won’t be enough to stop Obito. Obito’s base form? Perhaps, Akuma should have the edge there but when you consider the tailed form and how much Obito has improved, this match will end up being over very quickly. The Akuma just would not be able to win. Obito wins.

Obito vs Gladiator

Suggested by iKnowledge Gladiator is a pretty powerful guy. The fact that he was able to lift the Juggernaut and throw him so far is pretty impressive to be sure. His raw strength is out of this world, but Obito won’t let that become a factor. Obito is much faster than Gladiator could ever hope to be and has a whole arsenal of energy attacks at his disposal to keep the fighter at bay. Gladiator won’t be able to even get close without taking massive damage here. That puts him in a sticky situation right from the start and the match will only get harder from there. Obito wins.

Aizen vs Obito

Looks like it is time for a battle of heavy weights here. Neither of these fighters ended up being the final boss of their respective series but they were pretty close. Both fighters have some good regenerative abilities and their physical abilities are off the charts. The reason why Aizen wins this round is mainly thanks to his Xenomorph form that he got from the Hogyoku. In his final mode I just don’t see Obito being quite fast enough to stop him. Both of their illusions are thrown out of the picture for this fight so it all comes down to their abilities. I think it’ll be a pretty epic fight for sure, but one where I’d put my money on Aizen. Aizen wins.

Kazuki vs Obito

Suggested by Destroyer Kazuki is a pretty talented kid, but I don’t think he really has much of a chance against Obito. Perhaps if he was fighting Obito without any powers, but once the Uchiha got his Tailed Beast form it was all over. Even Kazuki’s pseudo Super Saiyan technique wouldn’t be enough to turn the tables from that. Kazuki is simply outmatched here but I do think the fight would probably be a fun one to watch. Kazuki has enough durability to drag the match out a bit before he goes down. Obito wins.

Sage of Six Paths vs Obito

The Sage of Six Paths is back once again, but it’s safe to say that he’s a little out of his league here. Obito was able to awaken the sharingan when he was a lad and his speed is at a pretty decent level. The Sage of Six Paths may be an all powerful being, but that’s never been enough to withstand a kunai strike. Obito’s got this in the bag! Obito wins.

Madara vs Obito

20140118021508!Uchiha_Madara (1)
Obito is a proud shinobi and his skills should not be underestimated. He is an Uchiha so he does have the wondrous power of the Sharingan…but so does Madara! Madara definitely has the edge because he’s essentially known as the ultimate Uchiha. Aside from Sasuke, there are very few opponents who can keep up with his speed or terrifying ninjutsu. Madara wins.

*Spoilers in the comments*

Rin vs Obito

The end of the trilogy! Rin may be a skilled ninja, but she was never shown too be as powerful as Obito. Once his sharingan kicked in Obito became a fierce ninja who tried too defend the shinobi way! That’s how skilled he was. Sharingan really helps in the end, maybe Rin will get it someday. Obito wins.

Obito vs Kakashi

This is the start of Kakashi and his 2 buddies arc. Kakashi has his skills. With Lightning blade there aren’t many opponents who can top his skills. Obito has the sharingan, and if he does have an epic plot twist coming up, maybe he can win this match. But until then….Kakashi has this. Kakashi wins.

Update 4/14/2018 Obito has reappeared in the climax of Naruto with all kinds of super powers which put him in a league of his own. Kakashi simply can’t keep up. Obito wins.

Obito vs Pain

A fight between the leader of the akatsuki and the guy who thinks he’s the leader of the akatsuki. Tobi’s been pulling his strings the whole time. Pain is strong enough that he was able to destroy the hidden leaf village but Tobi could do it too. They are both super strong and sharingan may bot work because Pain has rinnegan. Tobi would have to beat him with ninjutsu. I think he could. Tobi wins.