Obito vs Kakashi

This is the start of Kakashi and his 2 buddies arc. Kakashi has his skills. With Lightning blade there aren’t many opponents who can top his skills. Obito has the sharingan, and if he does have an epic plot twist coming up, maybe he can win this match. But until then….Kakashi has this. Kakashi wins.

Update 4/14/2018 Obito has reappeared in the climax of Naruto with all kinds of super powers which put him in a league of his own. Kakashi simply can’t keep up. Obito wins.

16 thoughts on “Obito vs Kakashi

  1. Hard to say because Obito died at such a young age, personally i think Obito because of his Sharingan. Kakashi is powerful but not as powerful as other characters.
    Voted Obito 😀

    • Obito did get tough at the end, but remember. Since he died early, it’s him in kid form against Current Kakashi…who has the Mangekyo! (which they still need too explain how he got it. Since you can only get it if you destroy another Uchiha) Of course if Obito is Tobi then things could be looking up 🙂

      • During Obito’s last moments, Obito said that he’d want to give his left eye to Kakashi as a sign of trust etc…

      • But that would still have to mean that Obito destroyed an Uchiha. But it seems like Kakashi got it himself at a later point. I think it’s gonna be a major plot point later on in Naruto

      • Don’t worry, I know. I’m just waiting to switch it for a bit for spoiler reasons and all. I’ll probably wait til it’s out in America

  2. The only explanation i can come up with is that, since Kakashi isn’t pure Uchiha, he somehow activated it. Like any other Uchiha, Kakashi isn’t able to use it for long, therefore it must be somehow unstable for him since he’s not pure Uchiha.

    • That could work. Though I’m still expecting a big flashback or plot twist involving it. Of course many still think Obito is Madara…it makes sense if you think about it. Obito hasn’t been ressurected…

      • Actually it could be one of those! That’s the problem….their are so many suspects. I’m assuming it could be Izuna because he wants to avenge Madara, but Kagami could be him, because his backstory hasn’t been beefed out yet

    • Definitely a strong possibility! So many suspects, the suspense! Well that shows how great the manga is. Once we find out that’ll be cool. Whoever it is will gain instant fame!

  3. How would kagmi have obitos sharingan he wouldn’t need those eyes he would already have his own eyes or to other people those eyes

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