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Flashman vs Kakashi

Suggested by Destroyer Flashman is very fast, but that’s simply not enough against Kakashi. Kakashi has the sharingan which gives him a considerable edge in combat. He has a ton of ninjutsu and is better equipped for a drawn out fight compared to the average combatant. Flashman is more of a 1 trick pony in comparison so it won’t take the ninja very long to copy and neutralize his abilities. Kakashi wins.

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Kakashi vs Itachi

Kakashi is a pretty skilled ninja and he definitely deserves some credit for mastering many of the Sharingan’s secrets. That being said, an Uchiha can only be defeated by an Uchiha. This isn’t an absolute, but it’s typically the case thanks to the limitless powers of the Sharingan. Itachi is more proficient at using it and Kakashi would not be able to win in an eye battle. Kakashi’s Lightning Blade would be very dangerous, but Itachi’s Susanoo should be more than enough to protect him. Itachi wins.

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Kakashi vs Might Guy

Kakashi vs Might Guy
Might Guy finally makes his blog debut with this round. It’s definitely been a long time since the blog’s conception so it’s surprising that it’s taken this long. Luckily for Might Guy fans, he will be starting off on a high note. Kakashi may have the sharingan and an incredible array of jutsu, but it will not be enough. I used to pick him when it came down to a fight, but Might Guy’s taijutsu is just far too impressive at this point. Kakashi would not be able to keep up with him. Might Guy wins.

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Kakashi vs Jiraiya

This is definitely a challenging match because you can make a solid case for both characters. Jiraiya had the imperfect Sage Mode, which did increase his raw power, but I can’t say that it did wonders for his speed. Kakashi definitely keeps the edge in that category. Kakashi has more jutsu in his array and that’s what will be the deciding factor. Jiraiya’s Rasengan would be deadly, but I believe that Kakashi would be able to dodge it and land the Lightning blade, which would end the fight. Kakashi wins.

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Master Roshi vs Kakashi

Master Roshi may have the legendary Kamehameha wave, but he won’t be winning this round. His speed and power are good, but in the end it won’t be enough to stop Kakashi and his lightning blade! Kakashi’s speed advantage has saved him in this round. Master Roshi may be back one of these days. Kakashi wins.

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Arshes Nei vs Kakashi

Kakashi is definitely an incredibly powerful fighter. He has his Lightning blade and a whole lot of jutsu at his disposal. Even the impressive sharingan! In the end I think Arshes Nei has the advantage thanks to her flight and energy blast spams. Kakashi is powerful, but in the end he’s not able to fly. Arshes Nei wins.

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Gold Roger vs Kakashi

Gold Roger makes his blog debut! He was supposed to be a pretty strong guy back in the day. One of the strongest Pirates that ever lived! Sadly for him it was mostly off screen which usually isn’t a good thing. Kakashi has the speed advantage and one Mangekyo explosion should wrap things up. Kakashi wins.