Zabuza vs Sasori

Suggested by Sonic Zabuza has had some pretty good fights over the years but he won’t be able to keep up with Sasori. Sasori’s most powerful puppets are certainly on the level of a Jounin warrior and he has many that he can use at once. As powerful as Zabuza is, he would still get overwhelmed by the sheer numbers here and would also be unable to dodge Sasori’s poison attacks. Sasori wins.

All For One vs Zabuza

Suggested by Destroyer All For One has returned and this time he is gearing up for a win. Zabuza is a fairly skilled fighter who debuted in the first arc of Naruto, but still stayed relevant after that. He is at a disadvantage here though since there is no way for him to react to All For One’s onslaught of abilities. All For One has too many tricks up his sleeve and Zabuza will be hard pressed to counter almost any of them. All For One wins.

Kakashi vs Zabuza

Kakashi has a lot of jutsu at his disposal like the Lightning Blade! With it he can take down many opponents in an instant. Zabuza was Kakashi’s first big challenge, but thanks to his sharingan abilities he should have this round. The sharingan affords the user great advantages. Kakashi wins.