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Haku vs Haku (Spirited Away)

Haku is a very skilled shinobi and her speed was incredible. While she appeared in the very first arc of the series, her skills held up well as she was able to deal some damage during the final arc of Naruto as well. The Haku from Spirited Away can turn into a dragon but that will negatively impact agility and the force fields will only buy time at best. Haku is simply too formidable with ice ninjutsu to lose this round. Haku wins.

Battles, Haku Battles, Naruto Battles

Naruto vs Haku

When Naruto fought Haku it was a turning point in the series. It was the moment that fans knew the series was gonna be one of the big ones. Naruto unleashed his 0 tails fury on Haku and showed why he’s the best! Haku has her Crystal Ice Mirrors attack, but Naruto’s far too fast for that. With one Rasengan he takes this match. Naruto wins.