Sasuke vs Danzo

Danzo is a strong fighter with a lot of tricks up his sleeve but at the end of the day tricks aren’t going to be enough to defeat an opponent of Sasuke’s caliber. Sasuke is a true Uchiha elite who can adapt to any kind of fighting strategy and still manage to come out on top. He leaves Danzo in the dust here because that guy will absolutely not stand a chance against such a powerful fighter. Sasuke will always be one step ahead with his speed and strength. Sasuke wins.

Sasuke vs Esdeath

Suggested by Friday Esdeath has very powerful ice abilities and can really make things difficult for Sasuke here. That being said, he has the Sharingan and speed that can match hers. His ultimate defenses can block her strongest attacks and while her reaction times can buy her some time in the match, it will not be nearly enough to actually turn the tides of battle. Sasuke wins.

Sasuke vs Akame

Suggested by Ben 11 Akame and Sasuke are both very skilled swordfighters who rely on their speed to dominate their opponents. Akame may even be able to keep up with Sasuke to an extent but that’s really where she will hit her limits as a fighter. Sasuke has many big advantages over her such as his ninjutsu and Sharingan abilities. She would have to fight him while at a big disadvantage since he will continue to grow stronger and more accustomed to her moves as they fight. Ultimately she would fall. Sasuke wins.

Max Rockatansky vs Sasuke

This is a tribute to the second Mad Max film. Max lives in a rather rough world so you can see how he would want to mind his own business a lot of the time but it doesn’t always paint him in the best light. Sasuke’s not always the best hero either but he definitely gets the job done when it’s crunch time. In terms of ability there is a world of difference between these two. A single good Lightning Blade would take Max out of the fight without a doubt. Sasuke wins.

Isshiki Ōtsutsuki vs Sasuke

Suggested by Anonymous Sasuke is an Uchiha and as a result he has abilities that are far beyond those of the average fighter. That being said, would he really stand a chance in this fight? At his best Sasuke was certainly a fighter to be feared and even could give Naruto a run for his money. That said, it’s fair to say that Naruto has surpassed him as is the fate of all rivals and at the moment I don’t think Sasuke at his peak would have been enough to defeat Isshiki one on one. He would have to lose this round for now as Isshiki is just way too powerful. Isshiki Ōtsutsuki wins.

Lucien Draay vs Sasuke

Lucien is a strong fighter who can use the Force as well as his lightsaber. He won’t be going down to Sasuke very easily…but he will be going down all the same. Sasuke’s Chidori sword can hold its own with a lightsaber and moreover he has the definitive edge in combat ability. His speed and power are far greater than anything Lucien has seen in his day. He would be getting completely overwhelmed in the end. Sasuke wins.

Yennefer vs Sasuke

Yennefer has powerful spells, but those won’t be able to do enough damage or activate quick enough to take down Sasuke. Sasuke has access to the sharingan which makes him incredibly difficult to hit. He has grown sharper and sharper as his sharingan has evolved and Sasuke is incredibly tough to defeat one on one. One glance is enough for him to possibly end this fight. Sasuke wins.

Tenel Ka Djo vs Sasuke

Tenel is a pretty tough fighter. Force abilities shouldn’t be underestimated and even just having a lightsaber is something to be feared. Still, Sasuke can zip around with his Sharingan and lightning speed so he will be able to keep his distance and still claim the advantage. This just isn’t a fight where Tenel can really hope to make much of a difference. Sasuke’s abilities are just in a world of their own. Sasuke wins.

Levy McGarden vs Sasuke

Levy is strong, but she’s not quite ready to take on Sasuke. Sasuke was already OP back when he was a kid and his abilities have grown even more fierce since then. Sasuke can unleash his intense fire jutsu to keep Levy off balance and then finish things off in hand to hand combat. The difference in their abilities is far too vast and so this will be a pretty quick win for Sasuke. He won’t even need to go into Rinnengan mode to win this. Sasuke wins.

Richter Belmont vs Sasuke

Richter Belmont is definitely a pretty talented fighter. He may not be quite as well known as Simon, but he definitely does get the job done. Unfortunately for him this is not a match that he can hope to win. Sasuke is considerably faster and stronger than Richter. Richter will also have to spend the whole fight trying not to look at Sasuke or he may find himself in an illusion that he is unable to break out of. It’s an uphill battle from start to finish. Sasuke wins.