Predator vs Sasuke

Predators are skilled hunters, but Sasuke is a shinobi from the Hidden Leaf Village. He knows how to track down his opponents and he’s an expert at taijutsu. He would overwhelm the Predator in hand to hand combat and he also has the long range advantage. The Predator is definitely doomed no matter where they fight! Sasuke wins.

Sasuke vs Madara

It’s a battle of the Uchiha as Madara goes up against Sasuke. Sasuke has abilities that basically transcend those of the average ninja and we’e seen how deadly he can be in hand to hand combat. Madara is basically Sasuke’s equal in just about every category, but Sasuke has the edge when it comes to hand to hand combat. His speed simply would not be matched. Sasuke wins.

Kamina vs Sasuke

Kamina is a character that many like, but I can’t stand. I’ve decided to give him another loss to make things feel right. Sasuke was a True Hero to the Leaf until he defected and proceeded to beat everyone up. Kamina won’t be able to match his speed and will quickly be overwhelmed by his abilities. Sasuke wins.

Rossiu vs Sasuke

Rossiu is back for a loss! Sasuke is an Uchiha and he has developed the Uchiha Power. That is pretty impressive and I think that its safe to say that he outranks Rossiu. Rossiu is now back down to square one. He just can’t seem to win the battles that count…and I’m pretty sure that more losses are on the way! Sasuke wins.

Julie James vs Sasuke

Julie James may have been the main character of a movie, but that just won’t be good enough to stop Sasuke. Sasuke has defeated far stronger opponents in the past and he continues to improve. Sasuke has ninjutsu at the ultimate level and his speed is pretty immense. Stopping him will basically be impossible for her. Sasuke wins.

Helen Shivers vs Sasuke

Helen Shivers is not used to fighting and she wouldn’t be able to keep up with Sasuke. Sasuke definitely has the edge in a fight and with his Lion’s Barrage, you definitely wouldn’t want to challenge him. Sasuke is definitely on a roll and he’s climbing up the blog ranks. Will anyone be able to stop him!? Sasuke wins.

Sasuke vs Barry William Cox

Barry William Cox acts tough when he’s around fellow mortals, but how would he do against Sasuke Uchiha? Sasuke is much more athletic than Barry and one good punch would take Barry down for the count. Barry may be used to fighting average humans, but could he take on someone with Sasuke’s super strength and speed? Sasuke wins.

Ray Bronson vs Sasuke

Ray Bronson tries to be the nice guy from his group of friends, but it doesn’t work. He lacks the power to take down a shinobi like Sasuke and his speed isn’t intense enough to escape him. Sasuke has many different ninjutsu that could crush Ray Bronson, but he could also win in hand to hand combat. Either way, Ray Bronson doesn’t stand a chance! Sasuke wins.

Sasuke vs Ben Willis

Ben Willis may be able to take down several fighters through cheap shots and sheer power, but he won’t be able to take down Sasuke Uchiha! Sasuke has his fire style ninjutsu and one good hit will take down just about anyone! Ben Willis isn’t resistant to fire so one shot would be enough to take him down for the count. Ben Willis was just outmatched. Sasuke wins.