Rarity vs Sasuke

Rarity is definitely a nice pony and she can fight when necessary but I definitely think she is a little outmatched here. Sasuke has the Sharingan at his disposal and a lot of speed and power even without it. Rarity will be caught in a genjutsu right away and thus she will be unable to fight for the rest of the match. No amount of telekinesis will be enough to bring her back from that. Illusions are just tough to stop. Sasuke wins.

Howard Aguello vs Rarity

Suggested by Destroyer Howard Aguello may have actually stood a chance here if not for the fact that Rarity has some pretty serious TK powers. She can stop the bullet from hitting her if she reacts in time or she can use the barriers that she obtained in Equestria Girls. Either way Howard is definitely done. There’s simply no way that he can hope to take down Rarity. She’s ascended to a level where he simply cannot reach. The instant he shoots is the instant he loses. Rarity wins.